TGIFriday’s 20th Anniversary Contest

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TGIFriday’s 20th Anniversary Contest

Do you still remember when was the last time you dined at TGIFriday’s?



It has been in the Philippines for so long it has become part of our Friday night gimmicks, dinner dates, family get-together, and more.

Actually, they have been here for 20 years now and they’re celebrating their 20th anniversary this month. And as part of their “thank you” for their customers, T.G.I.Friday’s is giving away 200 of your favorite Jack Daniel’s burger.

It’s a juicy burger glazed with Jack Daniel’s sauce and stacked with two strips of crispy bacon and American cheese on a toasted bun. Served with a side of Jack Daniel’s sauce, the classic fixings and crispy seasoned fries.



As partner of TGIFriday’s in this promotion, the FIRST 9 VALID COMMENTERS in this blog (see below) who tell us the 20 things you love about T.G.I.Friday’s gets to win!

Simple Mechanics:

(1) “LikeT.G.I.Friday’s on Facebook

(2) Comment below the 20 things you love about T.G.I.Friday’s [Update: Please do add your email address in the comment where I can email you in case you win]

(3) Optionally, you can share this blogpost on Twitter by tagging @NomNomClubcom OR on Facebook by tagging NomNomClub Facebook Page.

(4) You can also use the hashtags #TGIFridaysPH #TGIFPhils20thAnniversary when you share this post on social media

Validated winners will be officially announced over the weekend and the TGIFriday’s branches where you can claim your prizes.

To start things off, here are NomNom Club’s Top 20 things we like about T.G.I.Friday’s:

  1. TGIFriday's Bartenders

    TGIFriday’s Amazing Bartenders

    Jack Daniel’s Burger

  2. The hip and cool interior design
  3. TGIFriday’s Shrimp dishes
  4. Courteous and helpful servers
  5. Comfortable seats
  6. Discount Cards
  7. Mocha Mudpie
  8. The talented bartenders
  9. Party packages
  10. Texas Ribeye
  11. Friday’s Trio of Appetzers
  12. Baby Back Ribs
  13. Milkshakes!
  14. Bistro Group Management
  15. Discounts and Freebies
  16. Free Wifi
  17. Big Servings
  18. P20 Chicken Tenders!

    P20 Chicken Tenders!

    Great Music

  19. Caramel Cheesecake
  20. Php20 Chicken Fingers (20th anniversary promo)

We are all winners with TGIFriday’s! Fire away and have a taste of that Jack Daniel’s prize soon!

Congratulations and happy 20th Anniversary TGIFriday’s! #TGIFridaysPH #TGIFPhils20thAnniversary

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14 Responses to “TGIFriday’s 20th Anniversary Contest”

  1. yim gamboa says:

    20 things I love about TGIF
    1. Baby back ribs!!
    2. Warm staffs
    3. Sulit party packages
    4. Large servings of foods
    5. Comfy chairs
    6. Ambiance!
    7. Freebies
    8. Discounts and promos
    9. Milk shakes whoot!!
    10. Tasty desserts
    11. Privacy from each others tables
    12. Jolly servers
    13. Friday’s fried icecream
    14. Cool music play list
    15. The must-try friday’s pork adobo
    16. Talented singing/dancing staffs esp on your birthday 🙂
    17. Out-of-town vibe when dining
    18. Discount coupons
    19. Wifi all you caan
    20-years service in the Phils


  2. Cindy Lingcong says:

    20 THINGS I LOVE ABOUT TGIFriday’s Philippines
    1. Perfect for huge meal (platters)
    2. Tasty cocktails
    3. Bottomless ice tea
    4. Heavenly desserts
    5. JACK DANIEL burger is <3
    6. Craziness on their Brownies Obsession
    7. Food presentation is good
    8. Gorgeous Vintage display
    9. Ambiance is good
    10. Great promos
    11. Loyalty Card and discounts
    12. Friendly crew
    13. Happy hour moment
    14. gwapos baristas
    15. Happy place to celebrate special occasion
    16. Amazing services
    17. Free wifi
    18. Wide variety of menu
    19. Cleanliness
    20. Definitely, worth coming back! 🙂

  3. Audelio A. Gonzales, Jr. says:

    Audelio A. Gonzales, Jr.

    1. big servings
    2. bottomless drinks
    3. accessible locations
    4. hip resto design
    5. jolly and cheerful crew
    6. sports tv always on
    7. free wifi
    8. gives discounts for bistro card holder
    9. serves ice cold beer
    10. big dining area
    11. has a smoking area
    12. very yummy tacos
    13. juicy and tender baby rack ribs
    14. very happy music background
    15. family oriented place
    16. social media promos
    17. open up to wee hours
    18. cool bathroom
    19. they sing and greet you if its your birthday
    20. desserts are one of a kind

  4. mariellen cruz says:

    1. Tgif crew singing birthday song
    2. Color of the store
    3. Fried mozzarella
    4. Ball park nachos
    5. Buffalo wings
    6. Members discount xard
    7. JD steak
    8. JD porkchop
    9. Birthday parties
    10. Fish and chips
    11. Baby back ribs
    12. Mango shake
    13. Ribeye steak
    14 mocha mudpie
    15. Oreo madness
    16. Caesar salad
    17. Freebies
    18. Cajun chicken salad
    19. Mojitos
    20. Bacon cheeseburger

  5. Allyzon Mae S. Sabio says:

    20 Things I love about TGIFridays
    *The dishes are so flavorful
    *Cute servers in costumes
    *Majestic platter of Nachos
    *Free WIFI of course
    *Wide variety of dishes to choose from their menu
    *Kiddie crew during summer
    *Mojitos and good looking baristas
    *Perfect dining ambiance for family and friends
    *Staff are so nice and attentive to your needs
    *Happy and positive vibes only
    *Dishes are good for sharing
    *Instagramable food and interior pieces
    *All-time american favorites are within your reach at TGIF
    *Cajun Shrimp and Chicken Pasta lover forever
    *Best hangout place for friends chika and catch ups
    *Mocha Mud Pie oh superb love
    *Freebies and Promos
    *Buffalo wings
    *Momentous gatherings are perfect to celebrate here such as birthdays or anniversary
    *Mouth watering and heavenly desserts

  6. 20 Things I Love about TGIF T.G.I.FRIDAYS
    1. Wide varity/selection of food
    2. Big Servings
    3. Chicken Quesadilla
    4. Jack Daniel’s Burger
    5. Chicken Fingers
    6. Oreo Madness
    7. Fast Service
    8. Free Wifi
    9. A place you’ll never get bored
    10. Awesome bartending skills from their staff
    11. The different varieties of drinks
    12. My Ever Appetizing Salads
    13. Al Dente Pasta dishes
    14. Friendly, well-trained staff
    15. The american taste and feel everytime we dine in.
    16. A place to go after a long tiring day of work.
    17. Free cake for Birthdays
    18. They’ve got a non smoking area
    19. Located in easy access areas
    20. Never failed to make every diner feel like it’s FRIDAY!

  7. Ma. Eddielli R. Bungay says:

    1. FREE WIFI
    2. Attentive and accommodating staff
    3. Jack Daniel’s Burger
    4. Oreo Madness
    5. Delicious food
    6. Scrumptious servings
    7. Delectable desserts
    8. Chicken Quesadilla
    9. Affordable Party Packages
    10. Their branches are accessible along the Metro
    11. They offer other services that can complete a grand party like, magician, bubble show, glitter tattoo and many more.
    12. Their famous fish Tacos
    13. World-renowned bartenders
    14. Freebies given to the birthday celebrator. I had my birthday here in this resto and they gave me free cake! That was 10 years ago tho.
    15. Friday’s mozarella! I love this cheese!
    16. Their chicken fingers (They will have a promo tomorrow! Php20 for chicken fingers!)
    17.Garlic Chicken Primavera. So delicious, I ended dreaming about this!
    18.Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad. I don’t eat veggies but this one of my favorite! Wala akong tinira, as in! Ubos! 🙂
    19. Jack Daniel’s Ribs. One of the best ribs that my Dad and I really really loved!
    20. Gold Medalist. One of my favorite smoothies!

    Ma. Eddielli R. Bungay

  8. jerico cruz says:

    1. Awesome service
    2. Great banners
    3. A-ok for birthday partie
    4. Wow oreo milkshakes
    5. Yummy caesar salad
    6. Big portion of burgers
    7. Unforgettable jack daniel steaks
    8. Fantastic fried mozzarella
    9. Lovely jack daniels porkchop
    10. Nice interiors
    11. Fun crew members
    12. Fast service
    13. Clean environment
    14. Free wifi
    15. Great discounts for bistro card members
    16. Got free birthday cake from tgif
    17. Awesome skills of baristas
    18. Provides learning activities for my child while waiting for food
    19. Well trained staffs
    20. Great place to hang out with friends, nice music

  9. 1.Free Wi fi
    2. cool interior design
    3. TGIFriday’s Shrimp dishes
    4.helpful servers
    5.Comfortable seats
    6.Discount Cards
    7.Mocha Mudpie
    8.The talented bartenders
    9.Party packages
    10.Texas Ribeye
    11.Friday’s Trio of Appetzers
    12.Baby Back Ribs
    13. Milkshakes!
    14. Bistro Group Management
    15. Discounts and Freebies
    16. Free Wifi
    17.Big Servings
    18 Courteous staff
    19 Great music
    20.P20 Chicken Tenders!

  10. Aida Jo says:

    1. Good Locations
    2. Accommodating staff
    3. Delicious Desserts
    4. Oreo Madness
    5. Big Servings
    6. Scrumptious servings
    7. Jack Daniel’s Burger
    8. Chicken Quesadilla
    9. Affordable Party Packages
    10. Margaritas
    11. Non-wobbly tables
    12. Tacos
    13. World-renowned bartenders
    14. Bithday Freebies
    15. Friday’s mozarella
    16. Chicken Fingers
    17.Garlic Chicken Primavera
    18.Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad.
    19. Baby Back Ribs
    20. Smoothies

  11. Guadalupe Custodio says:

    Guadalupe Custodio

    1. Jack Daniel’s Burger
    2. Friendly Crew
    3. Accessible Locations
    4. Sports TV
    5. jolly and cheerful crew
    6. Hip Resto
    7. Free Wifi
    8. Discounts for Bistro Members
    9. Serves Beer
    10. Long Operating Hours
    11. Spacious Dine Area
    12. Tacos
    13. Tender Baby Back Ribs
    14. Music Background
    15. Family Oriented Place
    16. Social Media Promos
    17. Crew Costume
    18. Cool Bathroom
    19. Birthday Songs
    20. Luscios Desserts

  12. Nina Bianca Quines says:

    1. Jack Daniel’s Burger
    2.The hip and cool interior design
    3.TGIFriday’s Shrimp dishes
    4.Courteous and helpful servers
    5.Comfortable seats
    6.Discount Cards
    7.Mocha Mudpie
    8.The talented bartenders
    9.Party packages
    10.Texas Ribeye
    11.Friday’s Trio of Appetzers
    12.Baby Back Ribs
    14.Bistro Group Management
    15.Discounts and Freebies
    16.Free Wifi
    17.Big Servings
    18. Great music
    19. P20 Chicken Tenders!
    20. food for sharing

  13. mary april joy liboon says:

    1Store locations
    3amazing seafood platter
    4free wifi
    5Delicious pasta
    6Unique concept
    7Worth the price
    8Fun activities
    9Fresh salad
    10lean omfort rooms
    11cool uniform
    12Cocktail drinks
    13superb steaks
    14iscounts and freebies
    15Professional bartenders
    16relaxing ambiance
    17entertaining music
    18Friendly staffs
    19Generous serving
    20Quality service

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