I’m Glad to be Back with Metrobank

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I’m Glad to be Back with Metrobank
There are over 1,700+ Metrobank ATM machines (11,000 w/ affiliated ATMS nationwide & 1.6 million worldwide)

There are over 1,700+ Metrobank ATM machines (11,000 w/ affiliated ATMS nationwide & 1.6 million worldwide)

I’ve had my first bank account at the age of nine (9), and it was with Metrobank along Del Monte Avenue in San Francisco Del Monte, Quezon City. My parents and relatives wanted to teach me the value of money early on. With most of my relatives managing their own businesses, this was not much of a surprise.

As a kid, it was no big deal, not realizing just yet the value of money management. They provided the initial amount but they made it clear that it was I who should make it grow, eventually.

Metrobank Prepaid Card

Metrobank Prepaid Card

Fast forward 26 years and a number of savings accounts in different banks and investments in bond funds, UITFs, mutual funds, insurance, and the stock market, I could say I’ve explored the world of finance more than the average Joe.

With different money management instruments in the market today, I’m glad Metrobank has introduced the new Metrobank Prepaid Card which can be used with no regrets at all.

NomNom Club stood witness to the card launch a few weeks ago at Vyne Restaurant (beside Hyve) in W Global Building, Fort Bonifacio. We were joined by other notable online foodie and fashion personalities including Gretchen Ho, David Guison, Patricia Prieto, Camille Co, and more.

Live Without Regrets

Have you charged your expenses through a credit card and see your bill at the end of the month only to regret your purchase? Have you lost a debit card or accidentally shared it online compromising your account security?

Shopping with the MPC

Shopping with the MPC

Now, you can live without regrets as the Metrobank Prepaid Card gives you a worry-free lifestyle. It has all the convenience of a payment card like credit cards, but without the worry of overspending or sharing your main account details online.

This alone, sold me to the idea of having my own Metrobank Prepaid Card!

Load & Swipe

Simply use it just like a regular credit card which you can swipe in POS machines among any of the 30.2 million MasterCard affiliated establishments worldwide.

Other features include:

  • Withdrawing at any local and international ATM
  • Reloading made easy*
  • Lifestyle discounts, promotions, and freebies

* You can load the card online at Metrobank Direct, through your phone, or through any of the 1,700+ Metrobank ATM machines (11k with affiliated ATMs nationwide & 1.6 million worldwide).

Furthermore, the prepaid card need not connect to a bank account so it’s safe. No maintaining balance nor initial deposit required either! Simply put, it’s a convenient budgeting tool that can substitute for cash but without the worries.

NomNom Club Experiences

I myself have tried using the card in a number of establishments in the past few weeks. These included M Cafe in Makati, Yabu in SM MOA with my wife, and Chocolat.

Date with the wifey at Yabu

No-Regrets-Date with the wifey at Yabu

Using the new Metrobank Prepaid Card at Yabu!

Using the new Metrobank Prepaid Card at Yabu!

Instagram-worthy Smoked Salmon from M Cafe

Smoked Salmon from M Cafe without regrets!

Chocolat @ SM Mall pf Asia

Chocolat @ SM Mall of Asia without overspending

I even used it in the recent 3-day Sale in SM Sta. Mesa. Our purchase were not in credit, hence I’m living without regrets! 🙂

Metrobank Prepaid Card

Metrobank Prepaid Card with other discount cards from SM Advantage and Resorts World Manila

No more worrying about credit card bills and you are sure to spend within your means. Moreover, this is a handy allowance allocation tool for parents who want to give children their allowance through the prepaid card. No worries about the card security or overspending. Parents can actually allocate the monthly/weekly allowance and they can monitor the spending as well.

Interested enough? Get your Metrobank Prepaid Card in four easy steps:

  1. Visit any Metrobank branch
  2. Fill out the prepaid application form
  3. Present 1 valid ID, preferably a government ID
  4. Pay the P100 fee for the card valid for 3 years
#LiveWithoutRegrets !

#LiveWithoutRegrets !

Know more about the Metrobank Prepaid Card and how to apply for the card at their website http://www.metrobank.com.ph. Click on Personal Banking => Metrobank Prepaid Card. Check out their Facebook Page as well. And finally, Live Without Regrets!

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Jonel Uy is the EIC of NomNomClub.com and Managing Director of #DigitalCircles.asia, a social media marketing agency. He is also an IT Instructor at Grace Christian College. Know more @ JonelUy.com

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2 Responses to “I’m Glad to be Back with Metrobank”

  1. Trisha says:

    How much is the card? Does the Metrobank Prepaid Card have an annual fee too?

  2. Anna says:

    How is the prepaid card different from a debit card?

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