“Red Ribbon White Forest Cake Brings Families Closer” Wins Writing Contest

Weeks after Red Ribbon hosted the “A Memorable Dessert Experience” online writing contest, the winners can now be revealed. This is in celebration of Red Ribbon‘s newest White Forest cake.

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“A Memorable Dessert Experience” Online Writing Contest

In celebration of the launch of its newest cake, Red Ribbon is once again holding an online writing contest for the online community. Simply share an experience you and your family had with the new Red Ribbon White Forest cake with the theme “A Deliciously Memorable Dessert Experience with the new Red Ribbon White Forest cake“.

Entries will be accepted from now until Oct 17, 2009. Announcement of winners will be on Oct 24, 2009.

1) This blog writing contest is open to all Philippine-based bloggers and online writers who love the Red Ribbon White Forest cake.


1) Write a blog about an experience you and your family had with the new Red Ribbon White Forest cake with the theme “A Deliciously Memorable Dessert Experience with the new Red Ribbon White Forest cake“.

2) The blog entry should contain at least 250 words.

3) The title should contain the words ‘White Forest’.

4) The words ‘Red Ribbon’ and ‘White Forest’ should be present, at least once, anywhere in the whole article/blog. At least once, the word ‘Red Ribbon’ should be a link to http://www.redribbonbakeshop.com.ph

5) The blog should contain at least one photo relevant to the article. The White Forest cake should be inclusive in the photo. The product could simply be part of a bigger picture. (e.g. Mother feeding her daughter with a slice of the cake).

By uploading the photo in the blog, the writer/blogger guarantees that he/she has the copyright to use the photo. This is to avoid any copyright issues. Many photo may be placed in the article, but only the first one would be considered in judging.

6) One blogger can only post one entry in one blog. But he/she can post many different entries in his /her different blogs. One blog- one entry policy. However, a blogger can only win once and win the higher price.

Criteria for Judging:
Concept & Creativity : 40%
Writing Style : 20%
Photo Relevance : 20%
Over-all Impact : 20%

1st Place: P3000 worth of Red Ribbon Gift Certificates
2nd Place: P2000 worth of Red Ribbon Gift Certificates
3rd Place: P1400 worth of Red Ribbon Gift Certificates

Red Ribbon Management

The entries could be posted in your blogs anytime from Oct. 01 to 17, 2009. The winners will be announced on Oct 24, 2009.

Submit your specific blog entry URL to admin@NomnomClub.com and carbon copy mari.aldecoa@redribbonbakeshop.com.ph with the subject: “A Memorable Dessert Experience” Also include in the email body your Name, Blog, & Mobile Number/s for easy communication when you win.

The winning entries or their links may also get published at the official Red Ribbon Website and White Forest Facebook Fan Page later on.

Dates to Remember:
Oct 01 – 17 – Contest Proper
Oct 17 – Last Date of Submission
Oct 19-23 – Judging
Oct 24 – Announcement of winners

Winners shall be contacted through their email to indicate in which Red Ribbon branch nationwide they wish to pick up the gift certificates.

Start sharing your experience with the new Red Ribbon White Forest cake now!

Red Ribbon’s New White Forest Cake

Light finally shed on the drumbeat on the recent “Let There Be White,” today. It was Red Ribbon‘s newest cake – the White Forest.

Inspired from Black Forest

It was named so as it was inspired from the Black Forest Chocolate Cake of which Red Ribbon has been greatly known for and has become a classic cake through the years. With the release of the White Forest, it aims to tap the white chocolate lovers out there in a similar way.

The White Forest is a light combination of white chiffon layers and cherry bits filling. Covered with light cream all-over and held by sweet wedges of premium white chocolate, the White Forest is also adorned by whole red cherries on top.

It is one of the softest and lightest cake I have ever tasted. In Filipino, “Hindi siya mabigat.” (It is not heavy)

Unlike other cakes, the White Forest is both light and soft which does not overpower the meal you just had. A friend remarked that it does not have the “liquor after-taste” apparent in the Black Forest; which she liked.

White Forest - Red Ribbon

White Forest - Red Ribbon


A junior sized cake is priced at P335 while the regular one is at P560.

In summary, I think the White Forest is perfect for the white chocolate lovers out there; or simply those looking for a soft and light cake that would deliciously cater to their sweet desires. Nomnomnom. 🙂