Personalized Sweetness from Customized Toblerone

Personalized Toblerone for Christmas

Personalized Toblerone for Christmas

Celebrity Ramon Bautista

Celebrity Ramon Bautista

Surely, anyone would love to receive a gift, however simple it is as it’s usually the thought that counts. Nonetheless, don’t you feel more special when the gift you received is customized with your name? This is Toblerone‘s idea on how to make gift-giving in the Philippines more sweet and special. Continue reading →

Easy Instant Gifts from Toblerone

Have you run out of gift ideas to give your friends and officemates? Does ordinary chocolates and candies look cheap? I always wanted to give sweet simple things, but it should look nice. But with lots of parties and events to attend to this Christmas, it’s really hard to do so – so I’m sharing this lazy bone convenient discovery with you, my nomnom friends. 🙂

Toblerone Christmas Transparent Pack

Toblerone Christmas Transparent Pack

From the iconic triangular Swiss chocolate with honey and almond nougat, Toblerone releases new special packages designed specifically for Christmas. It’s a chocolate Christmas weekend! Having just blogged about Dove Chocolates and Krispy Kreme’s Holiday Doughnuts a few days ago, now here’s Toblerone’s Holiday Treats in tin cans!

The first of which is the Toblerone “Holiday Treat” pack. The triangular-shaped pack contains four Toblerone Milk Minis, three White Minis, and three Dark Minis. A gold ring on top of the box makes it easy to hang on Christmas trees as well!

Toblerone White Minis Bag

Toblerone White Minis Bag

Aside from the Christmas packs, Toblerone has also released a new variant – Toblerone White Minis 200g bag! Inside each bag contains 16 bite-sized white minis.

Toblerone bars also come in beautiful tin cans with two convenient sizes—perfect for your officemates and friends. 🙂 The large tin can contains a 100g milk bar and a 100g white bar, while the small tin can contains two 50g milk bars, one 50g white bar and one 50g dark bar. Both come in holiday-themed designs. You can of course, go green and resuse these tin cans.

Toblerone Tin Cans

Toblerone Tin Cans

True to Toblerone’s thrust to encourage us to say “thank you,” Toblerone’s Holiday Treats and tin cans are perfect quick thank you gifts this Christmas. 🙂 I want each of those! 🙂

Thanking Your BFF with Toblerone

Have you recently “Thanked” your best friend?

Have you shown your appreciation of your epic best friend who has been there ever since, through thick and thin? With or without chocolates? 🙂 Toblerone has actually done a similar campaign last year with a Thank You Day Photo Contest.

Well, Toblerone encourages you to do so. Tobelerone prods you to thank your super best friend now.

Your favorite triangular Swiss chocolate encourages you to say “thank you” to your best friend through simple things that show your appreciation. And why don’t you let the world know about it too! 🙂

Talk about how you met your epic friend, the adventures you’ve gone through together and especially why you are thankful for your relationship with him or her!


  1. Like” the Toblerone Fan Page on Facebook
  2. Upload a photo of you and your epic friend
  3. Tag yourselves and TobleronePilipinas
  4. Post your answers in the Comments section of your photo
  5. Have your epic friend to “Like” the post as well!


Ten winners will be chosen based on the number of people who “Liked” your post as well as the feedback from the Toblerone team and a special panel of judges.


Winners will be treated to Toblerone gift packs and a full day of fun and exciting bonding activities, featuring body care treatments at The Spa, with their epic friends.

Isn’t that a great and unique way to start saying “thank you” to your best friend! The contest will run from July 5, 2010 to August 11, 2010. Check more about this promotion at

Gratitude, like friendship, should not simply be a one-day deal. Let this “thank you” opportunity from Toblerone inspire you to think of many different ways to show your friend how much you appreciate all he’s or she’s done for you.

Nomnom Club’s Thank You Day Photo Contest Finalists

Woot! Thank you to all who participated in my Thank You Day Photo Contest Promo a few weeks ago! This is actually a back post as I was very busy lately. Nonetheless, the 5 Nomnom Club finalists and winners are:

  • Thank You Mama! by
  • “I am doing this for Mama, this is how I will show my love for her. She doesn’t deserve any other disappointment. She only deserve happiness. So please God, MAKE THIS HAPPEN.”

  • How do you spread the sweetness of gratitude? by Mamuyac.Multiply
  • “I can’t find the right words to say to my baby Charles but “thank you” on how he made my life an exciting and worthy journey that it is today.”

  • An Entry … by
  • “I want the world to know how grateful I am to God for giving me such cool and loving parents.”

  • My Entry… by Misha
  • “I am thankful for my best friends who have always been there for me through the good times & the bad.”

  • Spread The Sweetness… by NextJam
  • “I’ll be showing you how to be appreciated through my passion in Toy Photography.”

    Thank You Day

I wish you guys the best and hopefully Toblerone would be able to select one of you in their top 3 winners from among all the finalists from the online community! Cheers!

Nonetheless, by being finlaists in my contest, all you five automatically receives Thank You Toblerone Gift Packs! You will be informed via email as to how to claim these items.

Thank you also to GeiserMaclang and Toblerone for hosting this contest.

For more information on the National Thank You Day, visit HERE

Capture the Sweetness of Gratitude Photo Contest

Nomnom is 1-week old! And for your support since 09-09-09, we are thankful! Thank You! 🙂

Nov.12 UPDATE: Check the winners here!

With the upcoming National Thank You Day on October 20 November, 2009, NomnomClub, with the support of Toblerone and GeiserMaclang, is sponsoring a “Thank You” themed online photo contest for Nomnom readers. 🙂

  1. Thank You Day

    Thank You Day

    Simply submit a photo shot by you which answers ‘How do you spread the sweetness of gratitude?‘ (1 Photo is 1 entry).

  2. Upload your entries in your own sites (facebook, multiply, blogs). You may link to this blog contest entry.
  3. Post the link of your photo entries/article in the comments section below so I can check them out.
  4. Register in and post your photos in the gallery section as well. (read site competition mechanics).

It’s that simple!

This contest will run until OctNov.10. By OctNov.12, I will select my 5 winners who would each receive a TY kit.

The organizers would then choose their Top 3 from all who will submit in the website.

On October 15November, 2009, the Top 3 winners will be announced in and receive a Toblerone gift pack each. They will also be recognized during the TYDay awards 🙂

National Thank You Day with Toblerone and Nomnom

National Thank You Day with Toblerone and Nomnom

Lastly,  join Toblerone and Nomnom as we celebrate the National Thank You Day Awards on October 20 November 20, 2009 at the SM Mall of Asia Music Hall.

For more information on the National Thank You Day and Toblerone, visit HERE or the Thank You Day Philippines Facebook page here.