Have a break, Have a Jollibee Sundae

Sounds familiar? I bet. But this is not your chocolate bar snack, it’s your chocolate flavored Jollibee Sundae.

Jollibee Sundae Toppings

Jollibee Sundae Toppings

Perhaps trying to move beyond the seasonal stereotype of having Jollibee sundaes only during a hot day or summer, Jollibee is trying to gear their sundae concoctions as something you’d want during a break.

To let call center professionals experience a similar break from work, Jollibee recently visited Sykes Asia call center in Marikina City and surprised  them  with a Jollibee Sundae treat.

It came in three flavors: Rocky Road Brownie Sundae, Black Forest Sundae, and Chocolate Sundae. The target was for about 600 call center agents to experience the sweet and satisfying break with their colleagues..

Syjes Asia Call Center Agents

Syjes Asia Call Center Agents

Yes, I was there. Lucky me,…or so you thought. I had a bad case of colds and cough that day so I had to endure watching them with my favorite servings of sundae.

Jollibee Sundae and Toppings

Jollibee Sundae and Toppings

Although my favorite is the vanilla sundae cone, you can have more options with Jollibee‘s Rocky Road Brownie Sundae and the Black Forest Sundae priced at P36, while the Chocolate Sundae is at P29.

For my personal opinion, although the generous serving of chocolate syrup makes you feel the worth of your buck, I think it can get overly sweet. I hope for more of my sundae and lesser of the chocolate syrup.

My cough is almost gone today, hello Jollibee sundae!

Ube Halaya Sundae @ P15.00 Only!

Mini Stops Ube Halaya Sundae

Mini Stop's Ube Halaya Sundae

While walking along the streets of Makati the other night, I passed-by Mini-Stop along Pasong Tamo to satisfy my usual craving for cheap soft serve ice cream.

The last one I had was when it was still the Hershey’s Chocolate sundae flavor (which is yummy by the way).

To my surprise, I saw an ube colored poster and asked details about it. It turned out that it’s a new flavor which just started last Dec 28 in all of their branches – it’s Ube Halaya Sundae!

However, it’s on a Limited offer basis and most probably would only last for a week or two. So hurry up!

It seems that Mini-Stop is just testing the market for the flavor. It may come back later on if it does well.

Ube Halaya or Halaya Ube is a rich dark lavender purple color of sweet yam-jams usually stored in bottles found in local grocery shelves. It is  made from a variety of sweet potato called purple yam (ube)

almost done :)

almost done 🙂

more Ube Halaya Sundae

more Ube Halaya Sundae

It almost tastes like its real ice cream counterpart.

At P15 (USD 0.33), Mini-Stop‘s Ube Halaya Sundae is love. 🙂

Just have it in moderation though; powder-based soft serve ice-cream/sundae are not exactly healthy food. One Ube Halaya Sundae per day would do. 🙂 (kidding!) Nomnomnom….