Rainy Days & Goldilocks’ Beef Mami

The rainy days in the Philippines are here! Aside from cancelled classes and work days, the time for hot soups, noodles, and beef mamis are back. It’s the best way to deal with the cold weather by warming yourself up with a hot meal. And this is where Goldilocks Foodshop‘s new Beef Mami comes in.

Goldilocks’ Beef Mami is a simple yet satisfying dish that can best be described as soup for the Pinoy soul. For only Php 75, its timeless combination of tasty egg noodles, vegetables, and meat in a scrumptious beef broth will surely turn even the gloomiest, most overcast day around.

As an added bonus, every Monday this month of July is special with Bueno Mano Mondays: enjoy the delicious Beef Mami with two additional pieces of classic Puto, all for Php 75.

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Don’t let the rainy days bring you down! Visit a Goldilocks branch and have a hearty bowl of Beef Mami!