Demolish the Tower Burger with NomNom Club!

In celebration of our 2nd anniversary this month, “everyone’s food blog” – NomNom Club, together with the KFC Tower Burger, challenges you to “Demolish the Tower Burger with NomNom Club!

KFC Tower Burger

KFC Tower Burger

In addition to the existing official “Demolish the Tower Burger” contest, “Demolish the Tower Burger with NomNom Club!” encourages all bloggers in Metro Manila to participate in this special and limited activity for you to try!

What’s in it For You:

1.) Get to Demolish the Tower Burger for FREE complete with the set meal of fries and a drink.

2.) Be successful in demolishing the Tower Burger completely within 2 minutes (while being recorded with your own video camera) and get an instant P300 KFC Gift Certificate!

3) Be able to upload your video on YouTube, join KFC’s official contest, and get a chance to win and experience the much-awaited Night Race in Singapore! Click HERE for the official KFC contest mechanics.

How To Join:

1) Know Where NomNom Club Is

Monitor the NomNom Club Facebook Page and await the wallpost schedule to be announced everyday from Sept 13 to Sept 16 anytime from 12nn to 8pm. At least 1 wallpost per day will reveal at least 1 KFC branch where NomNom Club is located and what time you can catch him there.

For example (on the NomNomClub FB wallpost):

Hello guys! catch @NomNomClub at KFC Cubao Branch  (back of Gateway Mall) from 5pm to 7pm and get the chance to demolish the KFC Tower Burger!

2) Perform the required Facebook wall post

— Post the link of this blogpost in YOUR Facebook wall ‘link’ section: “” anytime from now until 4:00pm of September 16, 2011.

— Add a message with this format:

“I’m going to KFC <insert branch> at <time> to take on @KFC Philippines Demolish the Tower Burger Challenge with @NomNomClub !”

Don’t forget to tag @KFC Philippines and @NomNomClub (tag by writing “@” first) in the message.

3) Join On-The-Spot

Be there within the announced time, easily look for NomNom and participate! Come early because only 5 contestants per hour can be accepted. When you come late beyond the announced time, he’s not there anymore! (Although you can still buy for yourself a Tower Burger and participate in KFC’s official Demolish the Tower Burger Contest ).

This is how NomNom looks like in person :)

This is how NomNom looks like in person 🙂


1) Subscribe to NomNom Club HERE or join NomNom Foodie Club HERE to get insider tips (through your email) of the locations in advance.

2) Bring your camera. If you don’t have company, NomNom can hold your camera and time you while you devour the KFC Tower Burger.

3) Bring a Valid ID. I will be carrying a tablet with Wi-Fi to verify on-the-spot if your FB profile was able to post the required message and tags and if your FB profile photo actually looks like you! 🙂

Demolish the Tower Burger with NomNom Club!

Demolish the Tower Burger with NomNom Club!

The big box of KFC Tower Burger got buns, creamy mayo, crisp and fresh lettuce, a hash brown and the original recipe chicken patty. It also stands as a 2-inch high burger (or more) that stack up high!

So who’s up for the KFC Demolish the Tower Burger Challenge with NomNom Club? Tower Burger’s on the house! 🙂