10th Goldilocks Cake Deco Finals Set with “Xtreme” Challenges Ahead!

As part of it’s 50th anniversary celebration, Goldilocks has slated it’s 10th Intercollegiate Cake Decorating Challenge (lCDC) to be bigger than ever!

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Looking for a Valentine’s Day Cake?

Aside from flowers and chocolates, girls loves cakes and sweets too! So guys looking for an alternative Valentine’s Day gift for their loved ones can send their message of affection across through a Goldilocks Valentine’s Day Cake!

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Feature: Goldilocks Justice League Cake

Our fascination for superheroes and cartoons  since we were kids will seemingly never leave us. In fact, recently, Converse Philippines unveiled a collaboration with DC on putting Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and other DC Heroes into their sneakers. And now, they’re in Goldilocks Cakes too!

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Christmas is a major holiday for Filipinos. We prepare for it through grand food preparations with family and friends. And Goldilocks has been a cherished part of Filipino Christmas celebrations for close to five decades now.

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Feature: Goldilocks’ Polvoron Bites

I love polvoron since I was a kid, until now actually even in my 30s. 🙂 And I can still remember that Goldilocks Bakeshop was one of the few brands which is known for their very good polvoron. My favorite then was the classic big Goldilocks wrapped in transparent yellow wrappers.

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Foodie Feature: Goldilocks’ Duo Marble Cake

Me and my wife just had our birthdays the past two months, July and August, respectively. And we had a gamut of cakes at home during that time; not that we are complaining. 😛

I always think of children when I think about cakes. You can see the delight in their eyes when they see cakes, specially the colorful ones from Goldilocks. Be it their own birthday cake, or their friends’, they have the same level of glee and excitement.

So imagine if you double the delight with a duo cake such as the Goldilocks Duo Marble Cake.

Goldilocks' Duo Marble Cake

Goldilocks’ Duo Marble Cake

Goldilocks Duo Marble Cake

Mastering the flavor of both vanilla and chocolate, Goldilocks Bakeshop has combined the goodness of the two in the new Duo Marble Layer Cake!

The Duo Marble Layer cake is a delightful combination of vanilla and choco chiffon cake iced with vanilla buttercream, lined and decorated with streaks of chocolate frosting.

Its creaminess, sweetness, and boldness in flavor will surely bring double delight to your kiddies!

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Know more about Goldilocks’ Duo Marble Cake from the Goldilocks website at www.goldilocks.com.ph or Twitter & Instagram – @GoldilocksPH.

Rainy Days & Goldilocks’ Beef Mami

The rainy days in the Philippines are here! Aside from cancelled classes and work days, the time for hot soups, noodles, and beef mamis are back. It’s the best way to deal with the cold weather by warming yourself up with a hot meal. And this is where Goldilocks Foodshop‘s new Beef Mami comes in.

Goldilocks’ Beef Mami is a simple yet satisfying dish that can best be described as soup for the Pinoy soul. For only Php 75, its timeless combination of tasty egg noodles, vegetables, and meat in a scrumptious beef broth will surely turn even the gloomiest, most overcast day around.

As an added bonus, every Monday this month of July is special with Bueno Mano Mondays: enjoy the delicious Beef Mami with two additional pieces of classic Puto, all for Php 75.

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Be in the loop about the newest foodie finds with NomNom Club by subscribing to our blog through email and liking the NomNomClub Facebook Page. Follow our Twitter and Instagram accounts too!

Don’t let the rainy days bring you down! Visit a Goldilocks branch and have a hearty bowl of Beef Mami!

Liza Soberano Hearts Goldilocks’ Mamon

Goldilocks has a new set of lips biting into its mamon (sponge cake) variants in the persona of one of the most sought-after teen celebrity to date – Liza Soberano.

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