Latte Moments @ Starbucks on a Sunday Afternoon

Typhoon “Mario” and the monsoon rains flooded parts of the metro 2 days ago. My wife and I still share aching backs from moving our house appliances to the second floor (and back) just in case the flood water rose; to which low-lying areas in the metro were not as fortunate.

Dark Caramel Latte

Dark Caramel Latte (top cup)

Basically, it was a tiring weekend and our rest day has just started. Right after today’s church service and lunch, we trooped to the nearest Starbucks branch in Banawe and decided to try one of their two newest brews – the French Vanilla Latte.

Espresso Bliss

Although available over ice, we had a hot serving of French Vanilla Latte. It was a sweet treat of Starbuckssignature espresso roast. It was complemented by a dose of steamed milk and cream-infused French Vanilla sauce topped with whipped cream, and some dark chocolate curls with vanilla bean specks.

The other variant is Dark Caramel Latte. It’s something similar to the former but with a creamy dark caramel sauce and caramel flan drizzle, instead. Perhaps we’ll try this one on our next visit.

We shared the cup rekindling our fancy for a good latte and paired it with a serving of Double Chocolate brownie.

Espresso lovers would surely appreciate this serving of bliss and latte on a rainy day, just like from two days ago.

Hot French Vanilla Latte

Hot French Vanilla Latte

Equipped with our laptops, smartphones, and a refreshed internet connection from a storm, we spent the afternoon catching-up on some work deadlines, and blogging.

The sun is back up.

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Work and coffee really match.

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