What is Starbucks Reserve Coffee?

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What is Starbucks Reserve Coffee?
Starbucks Reserve Coffee

Starbucks Reserve Coffee

Starbucks Philippines recently introduced its new offerings among the world’s most “exotic, rare and exquisiteStarbucks Reserve Coffees in the Philippines.

What is Starbucks Reserve?

Since Starbucks opened its first store in 1997 at 6750, Ayala Avenue in Makati City and expanding to the current 225 stores, it has made its mark in building an authentic and global coffee culture within the community of coffee lovers consistent with the brand of Starbucks Experience across the Philippines and the world. About 18 years later, I think the time is ripe to further level-up the ante of coffee experience. When you pertain to Starbucks Reserve, think about special coffee served in the best way possible, by the best people to do so.

Starbucks Reserve™ is a category of ultra‐premium coffees that represents the pinnacle of Starbucks coffee perfection and passion.”

Starbucks Reserve Timog

Starbucks Reserve Store Timog Branch

Starbucks Reserve Coffees

Starbucks Reserve coffee using pour-over cup

The coffees are brewed fresh, by the cup, not using a coffee machine but on the pour-over cone.

And together in the introduction of this concept, Starbucks Philippines is introducing four Starbucks Reserve Coffees served not by ordinary Starbucks baristas, but Starbucks Coffee Masters:

  • Starbucks Reserve Sumatra Blue Batak
  • Starbucks Reserve Sun‐Dried Ethiopia Yirgacheffe
  • Starbucks Reserve Zambia Peaberry Terranova Estate
  • Starbucks Reserve Finca Nuevo Mexico

The Starbucks Reserve Coffees:

Starbucks Reserve Sumatra Blue Batak

Sumatra Blue Batak

Sumatra Blue Batak

The island of Sumatra in western Indonesia and south of Lake Toba is considered as one of the prime coffee-growing area in the region.

Sumatra Blue Batak beans are grown by Batak tribe members into big and bold coffee that’s smooth and earthy with deep, syrupy body and sweet herbal notes.

Starbucks Reserve Sun‐Dried Ethiopia Yirgacheffe

Known as ‘sun‐dried coffees‘, beans from Ethiopia are known for their lush, intense flavors. In particular, the one from the district of Yirgacheffe exudes a fruity taste.

The Sun‐Dried Ethiopia Yirgacheffe beans grow over 6,000 feet above sea level amidst the warm sun, cool air and soil resulting to full flavors. After harvest the beans are dried on raised beds to absorb the sweet juiciness of the surrounding ripe fruits hence the hint of berry.

Starbucks Reserve Zambia

Starbucks Reserve Zambia

Starbucks Reserve Zambia Peaberry Terranova Estate

Named with the land where it comes from – the Terranova Estate – the small and handpicked Zambia Peaberry beans lies 4,000 feet above sea level.

The medium‐bodied coffee has notes of apple and vanilla, which when roasted, provides a medium body and acidity that pairs well with citrus, apples, and chocolate.

Can you already small the aroma? 🙂

Starbucks Reserve Finca Nuevo Mexico

The El Triunfo Biosphere and Finca Nuevo Mexico family‐owned farm lies along country’s Sierra Madre de Chiapas mountain range.

Starbucks Reserve Mexico

Starbucks Reserve Mexico

While much of the lush area is a refuge for rare wildlife, the remaining area produces a bright, complex, uniquely flavored coffee bean – Starbucks Reserve Finca Nuevo Mexico.

The result is a candied citrus and brown sugar sweetness combined to create a toasty, aromatic cup of extraordinary coffee.

Although all four are considered rare and extremely limited coffees, I like the ‘Ethiopa‘ variant best for its balanced taste of intensity and acidity. All four are hand‐picked for their distinctive flavors and unusual locales around the world.

These are the first four Starbucks Reserve Coffees made available in a limited time and in limited quantities. Perhaps, our very own Starbucks Reserve from the Philippines is not too far down the road, right? 🙂

Starbucks Coffee Masters

Beyond Baristas: Starbucks Coffee Masters in black

Starbucks Reserve Coffee Branches

Starbucks Reserve Ethiopa

Starbuck Coffee Master “Jan” Showing the Starbucks Reserve Ethiopa Coffee Beans

The Starbucks Reserve coffees will initially be exclusively available in Starbucks Reserve Tomas Morato and Starbucks Reserve 8 Forbes Town branches. Three more branches are brewing soon to become additional Starbucks Reserve coffee stores namely:

  • Starbucks Reserve Keyland Centre
  • Starbucks Reserve Central Square
  • Starbucks Reserve Signa

Coffee lovers may enjoy their Starbucks Reserve coffee with an easy coffee press at home or the more traditional way of using “drip brew” or “manual drip” or using the “pour-over cone” where coffee paper filters the roasted grounds as water seeps through and collected in the container below.

So, which Starbucks Reserve Coffee would you like best?

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