Katsu Lovers Alert: Tonkatsu by Terazawa

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Katsu Lovers Alert: Tonkatsu by Terazawa

Similar to the cronuts craze to some extent, tonkatsu restaurants are starting to sprout like mushrooms in the foodie scene to satisfy the public’s craving for some deep fried ‘pork cutlets’ with the crispy appeal. And if you are one of the katsu lovers in the Philippine metro, then you should check out the newly opened Tonkatsu by Terazawa.

Tonkatsu by Terazawa @ Greenbelt

Tonkatsu by Terazawa @ Greenbelt

Tonkatsu by Terazawa is located in Greenbelt 2 along the lane of Namnam and the Burger Bar. Upon visit, you would already feel the authenticity of its ambiance with the Japanese-inspired restaurant interiors coupled by sochu and sake bottle displays on its wooden shelves.

You are not mistaken then as Tonkatsu by Terazawa is a restaurant from Japan developed through the Terazawa brand and brought to the Philippines by the Bistro Group of restaurants. They have presence in japan, Singapore, and Malaysia as well. Simply said, Tonkatsu by Terazawa is not your ordinary tonkatsu restaurant.

Tonkatsu Sauce

Tonkatsu Sauce

In fact, we met Chef Akinori Terazawa himself at the venue making sure local operations were going well. He also educated us about his style of preparing the katsu dishes and the importance of tonkatsu in the Japanese culture.

Katsu Dishes

Of course, NomNom Club is not going anywhere without tasting their katsu dishes, right?

We first tried the Tokusen Kurubota Rosu Katsu Set (TOP PHOTO) which is priced at Php 575 per 160g. It’s a premium deep fried black pork loin that was juciy and tender.

The second one was Tokusen Kurubota Ippon Hire Katsu Set which is similarly a premium deep fried black porkfillet priced at Php 575 for 160g.

Chasoba Salad

We first had the delicious Chasoba Salad

Tokusen Kurubota Ippon Hire Katsu

Tokusen Kurubota Ippon Hire Katsu


Chef Terazawa

Chef Terazawa Explained how a Tonkatsu is prrepared

The main difference between these two katsu dishes is that the former one – the ‘rosu‘ – offers a pork loin with fat which is more flavorful. Similar to the  Filipino’s lechon, it is tastier with some fat alongside the meat.

The second one is a ‘hire‘ which give a more lean pork tenderloin fillet, Naturally, this is the healthier choice.

Both are coated with “nama panko” fresh bread crumbs, and deep fried in fresh vegetable oil.

To complete your meal, the Katsu sets come with unlimited Japanese rice, generously shredded cabbage, and a bowl of brown Tonjiru miso soup. It aslo comes with sesame dressing on the side. But if you want to make your Katsu set more flavorful and aromatic, all the tables have a variety of bottled dressings including their very own sesame seed grinder that has a rotatable handle for easy serving. This is their answer to the tiring mortar-pounding one.

Rotatable Sesame Grinder

Sesame Grinder

We were also able to try the Wafu Negioroshi Rosu Katsu Set (Php 425) which comes with scallions and radish mix.

Other Dishes

Aside from Katsu dishes, you can also order the Deep Fried Prawn Set and Deep Fried Oyster set to satisfy your tempura cravings like I did!

If it will be your first time in Tonkatsu by Terazawa, you might want to try the katsu sampler sets so you know what to order next! Try the deluxe set of assorted katsu by the name Iroiro Katsuv. or the Mixed Katsu Set (Php 475) which has prawn, pork and fish.

Deep Fried Prawn Set

Deep Fried Prawn Set

Deep Fried Oyster Set

Deep Fried Oyster Set

Deluxe Katsu Set

Deluxe Katsu Set


As per our top recommendation, NomNom Club suggests the Kurobuta Katsu sets particularly the Tokusen Kurubota Rosu Katsu Set which is flavorful and tender at the same time. It is hard to go wrong wiht a Kurobuta meat is synonymous to ‘angus’ in beef.

Tonkatsu by Terazawa prides itself in their traditional way of preparing their tonkatsu which is the natural way of ageing meat – by wrapping it in white cloth for 3 days, instead of the more common punding of meat, before deep-frying them.

Tonkatsu: Traditional Method

Tonkatsu: Traditional Method

Tonkatsu by Terazawa
Operating hours: Sundays to Thursdays (11am – 12mn)
Fridays and Saturdays (11am- 1am)
Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/TonkatsuByTerazawa

Frozen Green Tea

Frozen Green Tea

Dessert Love: Frozen Green Tea

NomNom does not leave without desserts! We were only able to try one by the name of Frozen Green Tea but was extremely satisfied. It’s basically green tea ice cream at the bottom,  topped with a sweet decadent meringue roll (brazo de mercedes) on top.  We won’t say much about this lovely dessert but we’ll surely be back to Tonkatsu by Terazawa even just for the Frozen Green Tea. 🙂 Good food doesn’t come cheap though, it comes with a price tag of P190 – hefty but worth it!

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