Starbucks Hojicha Tea Jelly Frappuccino is My New Favorite

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Starbucks Hojicha Tea Jelly Frappuccino is My New Favorite

Have you tried the two new Starbucks Philippines‘ new featured beverages? Starting today, June 12, 2012, Hojicha Tea Jelly Frappuccino and Red Bean Green Tea Frappuccino are now available in all Starbucks branches in the Philippines.

Hojicha Tea Jelly Frappuccino

Hojicha Tea Jelly Frappuccino

Hojicha Tea Jelly Frappuccino

I have tried them both recently and the Hojicha Tea Jelly Frappuccino easily became my favorite.  I love the refreshing taste of the roasted Japanese tea, also called Hojicha, combined with the herbal aftertaste of the Earl Grey Tea Jelly. The texture of Starbucks’ own Tazo Earl Grey tea-infused jelly is something Starbucks aficionados might find refreshing.

Among the tea variants of Starbucks, I’m fond of both the Green Tea and Chai Tea Latte and I’m glad with the coming of the Hojicha Tea Jelly Frappuccino. Although it will be staying until the end of July only, I hope it would eventually stay longer with the market’s demand. The tall cup is priced at Php 155, Grande – Php 165, and Venti – Php 175.

Red Bean Green Tea Frappuccino

The second featured beverage is the Red Bean Green Tea Frappuccino. It’s basically your usual Green Tea Frappuccino with added whole kernels of Red Azuki Beans on top.

It is quite an interesting twist if you wanted to perk up your usual Green Tea ‘matcha‘ frapp but the Hojicha Tea Jelly Frappuccino still made more impact with me. The price range is also the same with Hojicha frapp.

Asian Frappuccino Blended Beverages

They also classify the two beverages as Asian Frappuccino blended beverages since they were only released in Asia. The ingredients themselves were sourced from Asia as well.

New Starbucks Food Items

Together with the two new beverages are new Starbucks food items which were offered starting today as well. They are:

Beef And Mushroom Pie

Beef And Mushroom Pie

Chicken Parmigiana Wrap

Chicken Parmigiana Wrap

Beef And Mushroom Pie

Baked to golden brown, this flaky pastry consists of beef strips, sliced mushrooms, carrots and mashed potatoes. At Php 95, it can be one filling meal.

Chicken Parmigiana Wrap

It’s a chicken breast fillet in a pita bread wrap with sliced eggplant, Italian tomato sauce, and grated cheese. At Php 150, you can have it sliced and is good for two.

Bacon And Cheese On Italian Country Bread

Crusty on the outside, soft and luscious on the inside – this one’s my favorite new Starbucks food item!

Bacon And Cheese On Italian Country Bread

Bacon And Cheese On Italian Country Bread

This grilled cheese sandwich is coupled with six types of cheeses (Gruyere, Emmenthal, Provolone, Mozzarella, Feta and Cheddar). The flavor is further enhanced by the crispy bacon strips, pesto sauce, and Italian herbed butter on bread. Can you already smell and taste it based from the description? 🙂 . Best served warm, it costs Php 150.

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New Starbucks Food Items

New Starbucks Food Items

Try the new Starbucks food items specially the Bacon And Cheese Bread and don’t forget to pair it with my favorite Hojicha Tea Jelly Frappuccino. 🙂

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13 Responses to “Starbucks Hojicha Tea Jelly Frappuccino is My New Favorite”

  1. cora says:

    I love Starbucks and am looking forward to having 1 or all the new offering.

  2. U8mypinkcookies says:

    Im looking forward to try these! I heard they have new cames too! ;))

  3. Elizabeth says:

    These are so yummy, i can’t wait to try it out.

  4. Mona says:

    After giving birth, I’ll make sure to try all of these new items from Starbucks!

  5. HMagat says:

    I’ll try the hojicha tea and Bacon And Cheese On Italian Country Bread. Looks good and how you describe it is very enticing =D

  6. Stephanie says:

    I love tea! Gonna try this hojicha tea jelly later! Love love 🙂

  7. Jing Javier says:

    I wanna try them all! Been drooling about this, you’ve yummylicious pictures hihihi I want, I want! Nice post, it was very helpful, thanks! :))

  8. Paula says:

    i’ll try the red bean green tea and chicken parmigiana wrap later! ‘m always fond of tasting new food 🙂

  9. Rengie Ann Bahia says:

    I would love to try the hojicha tea jelly! Hooray to this giveaway!

  10. Jhe says:

    I freaking loooooooove Hojicha Tea Jelly!!!

  11. Carolyn Ong says:

    Would like to try this on my next trip there!

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