Kenny’s New Hainanese Chicken & Frozen Yoghurts

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Kenny’s New Hainanese Chicken & Frozen Yoghurts

Kenny Rogers Roasters invited NomNomClub over to one of their branches before the Holy Week to try out their new Hainanese Chicken offering and frozen yoghurt.

Going Hainanese

Yes, you read that right. Food chain Kenny Rogers Roasters is giving it’s customers a break from their usual offering. From rotisserie chicken, they’re now serving Hainanese Chicken! It’s stil chicken, nonetheless.

Singaporean Hainanese Chicken

Singaporean Hainanese Chicken

For a Singaporean food lover like me, this piqued my curiosity. Kenny’s Hainanese Chicken was served with the traditional soup and a set of three sauces namely ginger, dark-sweet soy, and chili.

The sauces were good but I was surprised that the chicken itself was a combination of white and dark meat; and with bones.

In Singapore where Hainanese Chicken is at the level of a national dish, they only serve white meat; and with barely any bones.

Dark Meat & Bones

Dark Meat & Bones

It’s good that the chicken meat was tender though. The rice was also commendable and aromatic as it should be but the soup was too salty and needs improvement.

Kenny’s management clarified that this was part of their differentiation from the usual and ‘making it their own’. A serving of the 1/4 poached chicken is priced at P185.

Frozen Yoghurt FTW!

KRR Frozen Yoghurt while working on NomNom Club

KRR Frozen Yoghurt while working on

Staying true to Kenny Rogers Roasters mission of providing healthy food, adding frozen yoghurt to their menu is a natural choice.

Something I’ve been expecting since they have yoghurt smoothies.

I arrived hours early in their event so I stayed in the public area and ordered their new frozen yoghurt.

I didn’t know they’ll have us try this one that night as well because the invitation only showed Hainanese Chicken.


Kenny Rogers Roasters Frozen Yoghurt

Kenny Rogers Roasters Frozen Yoghurt

Anyway, so I had one while working online. I just had the plain one to appreciate the yoghurt itself without the fancies…and I liked it!

The quality and texture of the yoghurt was at par with the expensive ones we have around. I mentioned this aspect of pricing because I think this is their strongest point compared to other frozen yogurts. Starting only at P35, you could have a small sized plain yogurt. The biggie size is P55.

Graham (left); Mixed Fruit (right)

Graham (left); Mixed Fruit (right)

Yoghurt Add-Ons

Yoghurt Add-Ons

The add-ons come with every P10 addition to the yoghurt base. For now, they have only 4 add-ons namely: Mango, Mixed Fruits, Brownie bits, and Grahams.

Needless to say, I tried all four that night to be able to compare all of them. The fruit-based ones are expectedly refreshing.

Aside from the fact that it’s cheapest among the four, I think they had grahams for the crunchy texture it provides. However, the grahams I got might have been crushed too much that most of it is in powdered form that can make the yoghurt rough and course to the taste and in the mouth. I’d suggest that they don’t crush it that much.

From the four that I have tried, I think the best combination is the fruity Mango and the chewy Brownie bits. Their contrast in texture, softness and taste was a perfect highlight to the tangy-sweet yoghurt. It is the best yoghurt for me in the aspect of taste vis-a-vis price point.

Frozen Yoghurt - Mango + Brownie Bits

Frozen Yoghurt - Mango + Brownie Bits

Phil Younghusband of Team Azkals & Triathele Mica Tantuico

Phil Younghusband of Team Azkals & Triathele Mica Tantuico

At the latter part of the program, the gathering lighted up when they introduced Kenny Rogers Roasters’ new sporty endorsers in the persons of Philippine Football Team Azkals starplayer Phil Younghusband together with professional triathele Mica Tantuico. James Younghusband and surfer Lorraine Lapus complete the line-up but they were not able to attend that night.

Kenny Rogers Roasters Hainanese Chicken

Kenny Rogers Roasters Hainanese Chicken

In conclusion, the Hainanese Chicken was a so-so and needs more development. On the other hand, their price busting frozen yoghurt is highly recommended by NomNom. I am already excited for the new add-ons I heard Kenny Rogers Roasters will be coming out with soon!

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4 Responses to “Kenny’s New Hainanese Chicken & Frozen Yoghurts”

  1. jenny roxas says:

    Kenny Rogers Roasters Frozen Yoghurt . It’s soooo delicious .

  2. chicken and yoghurts look really delicious and parang magugustuhan ng kid ko!!!

  3. in fairness mas cheap ang price nila compare to other yoghurt stall now…

  4. jared's mum says:

    i simply love yoghurt, i’ll sample some of these the next time i go to kenny’s, thanks for sharing 😉

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