Foodie Club Christmas Party with Kraft Eden theme “Sarap Ng Pasko” Set for Dec 1

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Foodie Club Christmas Party with Kraft Eden theme “Sarap Ng Pasko” Set for Dec 1

It’s NomNom Foodie Club‘s first Christmas together and what most fitting activity to celebrate the holiday but with the traditional Filipino culture of a Christmas Party!

To be held at the first day of the last month of the year, this Christmas foodie party will indeed start the Christmas month symbolically.

Geiser Maclang

Geiser Maclang

The theme of our NomNom Foodie Club Christmas Party is “Sarap ng Pasko,” in recognition of our food and venue sponsor Kraft Eden Cheese‘s Christmas campaign “Sarap ng Pasko.” This was also made possible with the support of GeiserMaclang.

It will be held at the Kraft Eden Cheese Keso de Gallo Christmas Tree area and platform installation in front of Gerry’s Grill and IMAX theater entrance on the first floor of SM Mall of Asia.

In support of this campaign, we would like to encourage you to promote “Sarap ng Pasko” by simply posting in your Facebook walls any and at least one of the following links from November 27November 30 (specifying that the deadline of voting is Dec 1, 2010):

Kraft Eden Cheese's "Sarap Ng Pasko"

Kraft Eden Cheese's "Sarap Ng Pasko"

In your Faceboook wall, make sure to tag ‘@’ ‘NomNomClub’ or ‘@’ ‘Yummy Manila.’

If you are a blogger, you also have the option to blog about Kraft Eden Cheese’s “Sarap ng Pasko” campaign. Best blog gets a special prize from Kraft Eden during the party.

Soo what are you waiting for NomNom Foodie Club members? Simply email your link/s to admin AT with the link of your Facebook wall post and you are automatically registered to the Christmas party. Due to the limited space of the venue, we can only accept the first 50 (out of 100+) NomNom Foodie Club members to submit. You will receive a confirmation email a day after your submission if you are part of the first 50.

Please bring a monito-monita gift worth NOT MORE than P50 for your mystery monito-monita. 🙂

Here is the program flow for the Christmas Party:
0600 p – Registration and Dinner
0630 p – Short Introdution & Game
0700 p – Raffle Set 1 + Word from Kraft Eden Cheese
0730 p – NomNom Club 2010 and Plans for 2011 + Monito- Monita
0800 p – Raffle Set 2 & Closing Ceremonies

Some NomNom Foodie Club members during the 1st Anniversary Celebration at Greenwich SM North

Some NomNom Foodie Club members during the 1st Anniversary Celebration at Greenwich SM North

Raffle Prizes would include Christmas Packs and other items
Special Prizes:

  • Best Monito-Monita Gift under P51
  • Best Christmassy attire/costume that best embodies the theme of “Sarap ng Pasko”
  • Best Blog post on Kraft Eden’s “Sarap ng Pasko” campaign.

What: “Sarap ng Pasko” NomNom Foodie Club Christmas Party
When: Decemeber 01, 2010 (Wednesday)
Where: SM mall of Asia – Kraft Eden Cheese Christmas Tree area & platform (near Gerry’s Grill & Starbucks MOA)


  • FB wall post for “Sarap ng Pasko” campaign AND P50 Monito-Monita Gift.
  • Email your links to This serves as your official registration for the party llimited to first 50 members.

Sarap Ng Pasko

Sarap Ng Pasko

Merry Christmas indeed! See you soon at the NomNom Foodie Club Christmas Party with Kraft Eden Cheese‘s “Sarap Ng Pasko.”

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Jonel Uy is the EIC of and Managing Director of, a social media marketing agency. He is also an IT Instructor at Grace Christian College. Know more @

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43 Responses to “Foodie Club Christmas Party with Kraft Eden theme “Sarap Ng Pasko” Set for Dec 1”

  1. peachkins says:

    WOW! Christmas Party! I’m in!

  2. jonel,,got a small prob..dont know how send my links that used frm fb post d xmas party?..kindly email me or txt me 09064612437..thnx

  3. Renz says:

    I’m in! I’m so pressured to do the post hahaha!

  4. Aww.. another Nomnom Club event I can’t attend 🙁

    I’ll just post about this on our blog. Ikain nyo na lang ako! :((

  5. joyfulmom says:

    I’ve been looking forward to this..sana makaabot pa ko sa first 50…

    • nomnom says:

      ooo naman joy, abot na abot, konti palang nagregister kasi weekend and holiday 🙂
      I expect the rush registration on Tuesday kasi furst day of work. Ung iba sa office ln ang access sa internetz. “)

  6. aw. sayang kasabay ng movie! 🙁

  7. jona says:

    done posting on fb wall… will donate 1 prize/gc..


  8. jp manahan says:

    Hmmm…. interesting.

  9. azrael says:


  10. I’m still going to repost/wall post it eventhough I can’t attend. Have fun my friends

  11. Nica says:

    Done! hopefully i get to party with other nomnom foodies this time 🙂

  12. Food Banquet says:

    Email sent, Isn’t it? LOL..

  13. bedai says:

    hoping n makasama ako s party nyo!!!

  14. Ria Hazel says:

    Hi Jonel,

    I blogged about the Kraft Eden’s 100 days of Christmas before. Here is my link:

    Will this be a valid entry for the invite? Thanks! 😀

    • nomnom says:

      Hi Ria,

      I had a similar inquiry yesterday, I decided to accept blog entries for our small contest only for those written within Nov27-30 for fairness’ sake.

      Nonetheless, your blog can be a substitutue for the registration req’ts. 🙂 Thanks! c u tom!

  15. MrsMartinez says:

    Hi Jonel!

  16. Jenn says:

    I only learned about this now… hope I can still join, I want to be part of the party.

  17. fpj jr says:

    I’m in!
    sent the e-mail!
    see you tomorrow!

  18. darwin says:

    I want to attend the party. Sir Jonel, pa-join ako..hehe

    Ilang towns sa province ko kasali..Go Go Go Batangas!!!!

  19. darwin says:

    am i included in the list now?

  20. Rins says:

    Merry Christmas to NomNomClub! 🙂

  21. Akientoh says:

    Thanks for the treat Mr. Nomnom…. i really enjoyed my first Christmas Party with those crowd..
    God bless you more…
    by the way thanks for the Starbucks Cup..

  22. amity says:

    How did it go, Jon? Looking for the kwento in this site.

    • nomnom says:

      It went great! 🙂 I have a long list of backlog first. I hope to put it up before the year ends.

      The others have blogged about their experience though. 🙂 You can search for “NomNom Christmas Party”. 🙂

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