10 Reasons to Visit TENYA in SM Megamall

Preceded by the tonkatsu, curry, and ramen, another Japanese food staple has come to the Philippines – Tenya’s authentic Japanese Tendons!

Having started by Mr. Yoshio Iwashita in 1989 through his first outlet in Yaesu underground mall at Tokyo Station, Tenya has grown to be one of the famous restaurant chains in Japan known for high quality tendon and tempura at a good price.

Their first foray into the Philippine market is a 50-seater restaurant at the bridgeway of SM Megamall‘s 3rd floor. We’ve visited the restaurant and tried some of their dishes 2 weeks ago.

Tenya Restaurant

Tenya Tendon Restaurant in SM Megamall

What is Tenya’s Tendon

Tendon is a culinary tradition from Asakusa, Tokyo which is short for tempura donburi (rice bowl). It is composed of battered, deep fired seafood, meat, or vegetables with Japanese steam rice drizzled with Tenya’s secret donator sauce and served miso soup.
All Star Tendon

All Star Tendon

Here’s NomNom Club‘s 10 flavorful reasons why should visit Tenya as well:

1. Black Tiger Prawns

Tenya uses Black Tiger Prawns (Suahe) raised with sanitary aquaculture practices assuring a sweet, succulent, and juicy product.

2. All Star Tendon (P325)

A bowl of mouthwatering black tiger prawns, squid, salmon, kani stick, green beans and mushroom tempuras perfectly complemented by steaming hot Japanese rice and Tenya’s signature Dontare sauce.

Classic Tempura Teishoku

Classic Tempura Teishoku

3. Infrared Automatic Fryer

Good food nowadays are not just a result of good recipe and cooking, it can get a boost from technology as well. Tenya tempura dishes are cooked using specially developed automatic fryer powered by infrared heat technology for quick and consistently fried tempura.

4. Classic Tempura Teishoku

A Japanese set meal classic. Served with Japanese rice, potato salad, miso soup, tempura sauce, radish, ginger, and pickles.

Isobe Cheese

Isobe Cheese (P 185)

5. Asakusa Special Tendon (P295)

Big succulent black tiger prawns (3) and green beans, battered and deep-fried to perfection with a hint of Tenya’s signature Dontare sauce, served on top of steaming Japanese rice.

6. Isobe Cheese (P185)

Cheddar cheese wrapped in roasted seaweed and tempura fried.

Buta Kimuchi Tendon

Buta Kimuchi Tendon (P295)

7. Buta Kimuchi Tendon

Big slices of perfectly cooked pork belly (3) served with Japanese Kimuchi and authentic steaming hot Japanese rice.

8. All Star Soba

This is like your ALL Star Tendon but with Soba! High quality soba and udon imported from Japan. Served with choice of hot or cold udon or soba., Japanese rice, tempura sauce, radish, leeks, ginger, and noodle soup.

All Star Soba

All Star Soba (although this photo has the Asakusa Special Tendon)

Popsciles & Cheesecake!

Popsciles & Cheesecake!

9. Popsicles & Cheesecakes for Dessert

The photo says it all! 🙂 I was reminded of Uncle Tetsu’s Cheesecakes here while the posicles are perfect for summer here in the Philippines.

10. Secret Dontare Sauce

As if Tenya’s tendon is not enough by itself, each tendon is made even more special with their secret dontare sauce.The sweet flavour is a perfect combination for the tempura and rice.
So I hope those Ten Tenya Reasons are good enough to make you salivate and try Tenya Tendon Restauran in SM Megamall soon! 🙂
Kids Meal

They also have a Kid’s Meal with Yakult for your little ones. 🙂

Tenya Restaurant SM Megamall

Tenya Restaurant @ SM Megamall

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Aside from Japan and the Philippines, Tenya Restaurant also operates in Thailand and Indonesia.