Wendy’s BBQnator vs Baconator

Wendy's Greenbelt 1

Wendy’s Greenbelt 1

Wendy’s recently introduced the new BBQnator exclusively to the Philippine market. To be exact, it was just last November 30, 2013 when it came up into the menu boards of their branches.

Wendy’s BBQnator

Wendy’s BBQnator is composed of two 2-quarter pound imported beef patties, 6 strips of tasty smoked bacon, 2 slices of American cheese, and a dash of hickory barbeque sauce to give it the BBQ taste. Finally, it is topped with Wendy’s own real onion rings. It doesn’t come cheap at the price of P255 per sandwich, but this mouthful two-handful meal will certainly leave you full. The Combo meal version with drinks and fries costs P315. Upgrade to onion rings for an additional P8.

Wendy's BBQnator Combo with Drinks + Frostee

Wendy’s Son of BBQnator Combo with Drinks + Frostee

Baconator versus BBQnator

Son of BBQnator

Son of BBQnator

We are all familiar with Wendy’s Baconator. So how is the BBQnator different from the Baconator?

They share a lot of similarities, actually; so much so you may say the BBQnator is a variant of the Baconator. They both have 2-quarter pound beef patties, strips of bacon, and cheese. But the BBQnator has an added hickory barbeque sauce for the distinction that I believe would appeal more to Filipino’s love for anything sweet. Moreover, the BBQnator has onion rings on top just below the buns.

Wendy’s onion rings are served as slices of yellow Spanish onions with mild, sweet flavor, lightly battered & breaded making it crispy on the outside.

Wendy's BBQnator

Wendy’s BBQnator

Wendy's BBQnator Combo

Wendy’s BBQnator Combo

Son of BBQnator (top photo)

And just like the Baconator who has a Son of Baconator, the BBQnator also has a Son of BBQnator. The more manageable size is priced at P156 only for ala carte and P198 for the combo.

So who’s the winner?

The Baconator is a hit with bacon-lovers and those with a big-appetite. It has been a long-time favorite for Wendy’s aficionados, but I think Wendy’s BBQnator would be able to exceed the Baconator’s success. As mentioned above, the sweet hickory barbeque sauce will appeal more to the Filipino taste. And who knows, Wendy’s international franchise might even adopt this innovation in its international branches. 🙂