Delicious Throwback with Shakey’s Pizza 1954

Shakey's Philippines

Shakey’s Philippines

Shakey’s Pizza goodness has been around for decades creating good times and great food. And when the brand hit Philippine shores almost 40 years ago, it revolutionized the way Filipinos eat their pizza, the Shakey’s style.

Shakey's Favorites

Shakey’s Favorites

Aside form their world-famous thin crust pizza, Filipinos have come to love Shakey’s for their Chicken ‘N Mojos and Pasta.

Shakeys Pizza 1954

Last week, Shakey’s Philippines introduced a new innovation in their line-up of offerings – the Shakeys Pizza 1954. It was introduced to the media and a couple of bloggers at the Shakey’s Katipunan branch. They unveiled a contemporary gourmet pizza which brings the goodness of freshest ingredients coupled with a unique crust to come up with an awesome new offering.

Shakey's Pizza 1954

Shakey’s Pizza 1954

The new Shakey’s Pizza 1954 highlights a new chewy, soft, and delectable dough base pizza customers will love. It is then made more special with juicy slices of Italian sausage, Angus beef, pepperoni, 100% Mozzarella cheese, red onions, and topped with rosemary, Basil leaves, and Parmesan cheese.

The Verdict

We were able to try a few slcies and eventually consumed everything. 🙂 They say “the secret’s in the crust” using a unique crust and a combination of fresh ingredients. I think that’s true especially when paired with chunks of Angus beef. Add to that the herbal aftertaste care of the Basil leaves.

It’s a tasty and delicious throwback indeed that can bring you all the way back to 1954! 🙂

Shakey's Pizza 1954

Shakey’s Pizza 1954: “the Secret’s in the Crust”

The Shakey’s Experience

And what do you know, Shakey’s Katipunan branch uses Flat Technology for their tables. Flat Technology is a patented Australian technology which makes table dining experience stable and hassle free.

Have you had your coffee spill on your lap or your tea cup turned on the table just because one of the table’s foot is unstable?

Shakey's Pizza Slice

Shakey’s Pizza Slice

The simple problem of wobbly tables has plagued the Philippine restaurant industry for decades and Filipinos usually just “sweep the problem under the rug“. Well, I guess its time to eleveate the customer experience and give diners what they deserve – a sturdy and steady table. And I’m glad Shakey’s Katipunan knows that by using Flat Technology-equipped tables.

I guess that’s another reason to love Shakey’s Katipunan even more. Add to that the new Shakey’s Pizza 1954 with a price for only Php 450 and we have a great throwback meal!

The new gourmet pizza is available in all Shakey’s branches in the Philippines since last week.