Coffee, Milk Tea,, or Me?

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Coffee, Milk Tea,, or Me?

I love milk tea, but I asked my wife if she were to choose:”Coffee, Milk Tea, or ME“? ¬†Can you guess what she answered? – – – COFFEE!

I kind of expected that as my wife is a coffee lover! Kidding aside, if you’re looking for all three – Coffee, Milk Tea, or Me, – you’d fond all three at a Figaro Coffee Shop as my photos below proves.

Yes, Figaro‘s Milk Teas as are back since several weeks ago when they brought back some of their well-loved tea and milk tea variants on their menu.

Figaro Milk Teas

Coffee, Milk Tea, or ME? ūüôā

Figaro Milk Teas

The new cup-full tea and milk tea variants in Figaro are the following:

  • Roasted Milk Tea w/ Salted Cream Cheese
  • Brown Sugar Tea Latte
  • Tropical Fruit Tea

We’ve recently tried all three starting with the Roasted Milk Tea. The taste proves they use quality milk tea and the salted cream cheese on top just completes the package of goodness.

I like how the tea taste is ¬†still there and is not over-powerred by the milk; and I’ve always loved salted cream cheese on my milk tea. On the down side, the pearls is a bit overcooked bordering chewy and too soft. If you’re no too particular with pearls in your milk tea, then you’re fine.

Slated Cheese Cream

Roasted Milk Tea with Slated Cheese Cream (front РP120 for  the large size)

Brown Sugar Milk Tea

Brown Sugar Tea Latte (Php 120 for the Large Size)

For my 2nd cup, I tried the Brown Sugar Tea Latte. This choice of variant by Figaro is no surprise as Brown Sugar Milk Tea is currently one of the most-sought after milk tea variants in the Philippines. Hence, the surge in popularity of new Taiwanese milk tea brand Tiger Sugar, while other brands also followed suit offering brown sugar milk tea variants.

As for Figaro‘s, I find the Brown Sugar Tea Latte good enough for brown suger lovers. Again, on the down-side, the serving I got needs improvement in presentation as I didn’t see much of the usual brown sugar ‘lining‘ on the sides of the milk tea cup.

I was thinking though that it might have been caused by the smooth surface of the eco-friendly Figaro tumblers I brought with me. I’ll try ordering as-is next time (for non-QC branches where plastic cups are allowed) just for the sake of it.

Fruit Tea

Tropical Fruit Tea (Php 120 for the large size) [Upper Left]

Lastly, the Tropical Fruit Tea was a pleasant surprise. I’m not sure if they had this before, but this is my first time to try it at Figaro.

The Tropical Fruit Tea of Figaro was able to capture the same fruit tea taste similar to most top fruit tea retailers. Two thumbs up for that!

Nonetheless, being a milk tea lover that I am, my top choice among the three is still the Roasted Milk Tea w/ Salted Cream Cheese!

Figaro Cheese Muffin

Figaro Milk Teas best paired with The famous Figaro Cheese Muffin!

Don’t just believe me or this review, you have to try these Figaro Milk Teas yourself!

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Indeed, the milk tea craze n the Philippines is far from over! And Figaro started well by reintroducing these 3 initial variants. I hope they introduce other milk tea flavors soon! If I would guess, perhaps a matcha milk tea is in the pipeline as they already serve matcha latte for the longest time. *wink

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