Teddy’s Bigger Burgers Philippines Opens Today!

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Teddy’s Bigger Burgers Philippines Opens Today!

Just when you thought we had enough burger chains in Manila, a bigger and better one arrives! Touted as Hawaii’s top burger joint, Teddy’s Bigger Burgers is set to open today.

Teddy's Burger Manila

Teddy’s Burger Manila Now Open

In a few minutes or so, Teddy’s Bigger Burgers‘ first branch in Manila will open at 10am in Greenbelt 3, Makati. The debut branch in the Philippines marks the first international franchise of the SumoBurger Global Inc., whose restaurants include Sumo Sam, Kurosawa, and Akira, among others.

The group is owned by the trio of actor-businessman Marvin Agustin, Raymund Magdaluyo and Ricky Laudico, who admittedly came across the burger house rather “serendipitously.” It started at Teddy’s Kailua branch where Raymund instantly became a fan of the burger joint’s signature ground chuck charbroiled burgers and the rest, as they say, is history.

Teddy's Bigger Burgers  Greenbelt

Teddy’s Bigger Burgers is now open at Greenbelt 3, Makati

Teddy's Burger Patty

Teddy’s Burger Patty Cross Section

Teddy’s Bigger Burgers Greenbelt

The first one I tried in a media preview event two days ago was Teddy’s Original Burger Combo with a potato bun choice which costs P399 (P300 Solo). The combo includes a generous serving of fries on the side and a small-sized milk shake. I made it extra special with the “Hawaiian Style” Teddy’s Specialty Toppings for an additional P70. [Top Photo] I chose that for the complete “Hawaiian” experience since they said Teddy’s is Hawaii’s top burger chain right? And I was not mistaken for having tried it. The burger patty is made of 100% US Ground Chuck topped with the restaurant’s famous Super Sauce. Here is a cross section of the medium rare patty I ordered which visually shows how good the meat is from the inside and that there areno extenders. The Hawaiian Style is a set of specialty toppings with Grilled Pineapple and Teri sauce (short for terriyaki). Other set toppings include the Waikiki Burger (add P160), Cajun Burger (Add P50), and Kailua Burger (P150). My wife had a Cheese Burger and she opted not to have any of the set special toppings. Instead, she choose each of her own toppings and added a serving of bacon and lettuce, and choose onion rings on the side.  Other toppings of choice include avocado, jalapenos, peanut butter, and pastrami, among others.

Teddy's Cheese Burger

Teddy’s Cheese Burger with Bacon, Lettuce, & Onion Rings Toppings

Teddy's Monster Double Burger

People’s Choice: Teddy’s Monster Double Burger


Teddy’s Burgers’ Milk Shakes and More

Their milkshakes is getting a lot of raves too. You can mix and match different flavors including chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla, among others, but it’s the peanut butter milkshake which is getting a lot of buzz. Then there’s Teddy’s Monster Double Pizza which can get as big as having 2 patties of 9oz each for the ultimate BIGGER and BETTER BURGER experience!  

Teddy's Burger Promo

Teddy’s 1st Day Promo

Other menu items of note from the global brand include the “more adventurous” Volcano Burger, the Blue Cheese Bacon Burger, and the traditional Hawaiian Style, which has grilled pineapple with teriyaki sauce. The first two are not yet on our local menu but expect them to be added on Teddy’s Burger menu in a few months since they just opened today.

“What I think makes customers come back for more is the quality we put into every burger. If you have a good quality patty, you don’t really need expensive extras such as foie gras or truffle oil on your burger. We want to keep things simple,” Tsakiris explained.

In their opening today, long lines are ongoing ass of this writing because of their free burger promo for the first 100 customers in line. Doors open at 10am but a long line has been expected as early as 7am (right side poster).

Teddy of Teddy's Burger wiht NomNom Club

Teddy of Teddy’s Burger wiht NomNom Club

Teddy's Burger Philippines

Teddy’s Burger Philippines

Teddy’s Bigger Burgers Philippines will also be open for franchising soon. Hop on and take that big bite on Teddy’s Burgers which is now open in Manila!

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