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This is the NomNom Foodie Club (NNFC) membership registration page open to all our blog subscribers.

Updated Aug 9, 2010

The objective of this group is to form and unify food lovers from the online community.
Since we share the same passion for food, I hope that this community will thrive and eventually be of help to one another in all sense related to food – whether it be visiting the latest dining places, the best food spots in town, love for cooking, recipes, health matters, or simply the love of eating.

You are advised to input the email you used to subscribe in the Email Subscription so I could check it against the list of email subscribers. Home and Work address need not be specific if you don’t want to. This is for area classification in case the activity/event is location sensitive.

So, sign up now! I’m excited for all the future activities we will share through NomNom Club!

Recent Foodie Club Major Events:

NomNom Club 1st Anniversary with Greenwich

NomNom Foodie Club Christmas Party with Kraft Eden

Privacy Policy

Private Setting
If you select the private mode, all details would remain private for use of NomNom Foodie Club purposes only. Only your Name, Blog Name and Blog URL would be shared with third parties for identification purposes. You would be emailed first for approval if there is a specific request for your other details.

Public Setting

Selecting the public mode check box would make your details available for official third-party activities or requests upon the reasonable discretion of administrator (Jonel Uy). One advantage of this is that communication is faster since the turn around time for your approval is minimized. You would mostly be included in short-notice events and activities.

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