Chicken-In-a-Bun: Max’s Classic Gets Reinvented

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Chicken-In-a-Bun: Max’s Classic Gets Reinvented

Since 1945, the Filipino palate has considered the iconic taste of Max’s Fried Chicken as a classic. Whatever other fried chicken brands come up with, the Max’s Chicken recipe will always have that special place on the Pinoy taste profile only a Max’s can fill.

But as much as classics are good, 75 years dictate a reinvention somewhere along the way. But don’t worry, they’re not touching your well-loved chicken classics, they’re just adding some “reinvention“.

New Max’s Chicken Sandwich

Starting tomorrow, March 9, 2029, Max’s Restaurant is offering something new in the menu – the “Max’s Chicken Sandwich“!

Max's Chicken Sandwich

The New Max’s Chicken Sandwich

Mind you, it’s no ordinary chicken sandwich as it highlights a Max’s classic Boneless Thigh Fillet without the fancy breading and enhanced with a special sauce which combines the vintage tandem of Worcestershire sauce and the well-loved Banana Catsup.

The chicken burger sits on a bed of cole slaw with garlic mayo dressing topped with pickled cucumber all pressed in between brioche buns sprinkled with sesame seeds.

Complementing the set meal is a handful of camote fries with garlic mayo dip. All of this for only Php 249, set to be available in all Philippine branches.

NomNom Club

Jonel Uy of NomNom Club

A bite would lead to a customer to utter “Max’s Sarap In A Bun” and a twist to their usual “Sarap to the Bones” into “Sarap To The Boneless” this time around.

The Verdict

Personally, NomNom Club believes it’s the special sauce, aside from the signature Max’s fried chicken,  which will carry this product through. It’s drizzled on the meat for the added tang.

I forgot to ask though, if customers could ask for extra serving of this, for free.

The archetypal combination of the Worcestershire sauce and Banana Catsup is so under-rated. I myself usually just use banana ketchup in my Max’s restaurant visits; now I know better.

Banana Catsup

Max’s Special Sauce = Worcestershire Sauce + Banana Catsup

We also liked the idea of pickled cucumber to balance the possible Pinoy “umay” factor in the long run.

The price of Php 249 is actually above average from the perspective of an average Pinoy wallet, but the size of the boneless thigh fillet makes it a ‘bang for the buck’.

And of course, the overall taste of the Max’s Chicken burger.

You may compare it with a breaded KFC chicken burger and other chicken sandwiches, but technically, it’s on a category of its own as it has no breading (to make the chicken look ‘bigger‘) and it hinges on the classic flavor of the Max’s Chicken brand with a twist.

Max's Restaurant Chicken Burger

Max’s Chicken Burger

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Congratulations to Max’s Restaurant on this symbolic “renewal” as they celebrate their upcoming diamond anniversary in the industry, while maintaining “continuity” with the quintessential flavor of Max’s.

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