BAKE Cheese Tart: From Hokkaido to Manila

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BAKE Cheese Tart: From Hokkaido to Manila

According to my travel blogger friends, April is the best time to go to Japan as cherry blossoms are in full bloom during the Spring season. And in case it’s not possible for you to go there right now, then you can have BAKE cheese tarts, instead. A bite of it can feel like being in Japan anyway. 🙂

BAKE Cheese Tart is a big thing in Hokkaido and you may have experienced friends asking you to take home some whenever you had a vacation in Japan. Now, they don’t have to as the famous cheese tarts are now in the Philippines!

Bites of Goodness

I’ve been hearing about BAKE Cheese Tart since they opened at The Podium mall in the Ortigas Business district last December 2017.

BAKE Cheese Tarts

BAKE Cheese Tarts from Hokkaido!

BAKE Cheese Tart Powerplant Mall

BAKE Cheese Tart Now in the Philippines!

But I only got the chance to actually taste one through an intimate media gathering last week. Oh I’m so glad I concurred.

Their double-baked crust cheese tarts made with 4 types of cheese are so soft and creamy – specially the warm variant. Baked until it turns a delicate golden brown, the result is a well-balanced cream cheese with a crisp pastry.

For the unfamiliar, they offer one kind of Japanese traditional cheese tart, but your imagination is your only limit on how you want to have it. Upon their recommendation, customers usually like it best in 4 states, and as the following:

  • Freshly Baked
  • Warm / Cooled Down
  • Frozen
  • Chilled
Cheese Tart

Freshly BakedBAKE Cheese Tart

The first option is when you get it freshly baked and hoy. Just be careful and make sure it’s not too hot for your lips. This is the best state for me as the warm cheese slowly ooze out after a bite.

If you want to play it safe and is not a fan of hot foods, take it slightly warm or cooled down – which is basically 5 to 10 minutes after baking. The same goodness and sweetness is achieved and you will still enjoy it.

Cream Cheese

Creamy Cheese Oozing out – Yum!

This first two states are best paired with a cup of hot coffee. It’s good their Podium branch has a Starbucks Reserve across their store since BAKE is a mono-product shop.

The last two options are for ice cream lovers like me. 🙂

For those who know me well, I freeze my cakes at home for a day, and eat ’em the next day. It turns ordinary cakes to ‘ice cream cakes‘ . The same applies to BAKE cheese tart,

BAKE Cheese Tart

Frozen BAKE Cheese Tart

Bake cheese tart Philippines

Poking the soft top of a cheese tart!

If you don’t want it frozen hard, you can always have it cold enough – or “chilled“. Or when you just cannot wait that long to eat it. 🙂

BAKE Cheese Tarts Now In Manila

BAKE Cheese Tart The Podium branch opened last December while the Powerplant Mall Rockwell branch opened last January 2018 (currently there’s a pop-up store at the Mall of Asia since March 16).

It originated in Kinotoya with a long established French confectionery store in Sapporo, Hokkaido. BAKE Cheese Tart opened its first store in Shinjyuku, Tokyo in 2014 and following its success; they opened stores in Hongkong, Bangkok, Seoul, Singapore, and now, the Philippines.

Bake Cheese Tart PODIUM

Bake Cheese Tart PODIUM branch

Bake Cheese Tart Philippine

Bake Cheese Tart Philippine Team!

In the Philippines, the story behind BAKE Cheese Tart is about young entrepreneurs Larry Tan and Tyrone Ching who brought the Japanese brand to Manila recognizing the multi-cultural palate of Filipinos today.

It has a record for globally churning out 35 million cheese tarts per year. This local Hokkaido favorite known as The Best Cheese Tart Ever features an exquisite blend of four types of cheese—three from Hokkaido and one from France.

BAKE Cheese Tart Founder Shintaro Naganuma, whose family owns Kinotoya, has enforced time and again that passion has allowed them to focus on perfecting the recipe.

“The cheese tarts are made of a complex layer of flavors that requires almost artistic detail. BAKE Cheese Tart was born 30 years ago in a Kinotoya confectionary in Hokkaido. From a rich portfolio of Western pastries and sweets, our founder applied a special single-minded approach to mono-producing the cheese tarts for BAKE,” Tan shared.

Philippine Price BAKE Cheese Tart

Have you tired BAKE Cheese Tart in Manila?

Bite Into Clouds

A Bite of Goodness

Manila is the 9th country around the world to host BAKE cheese tarts. Its outlet at ION Orchard in Singapore reportedly has queuing for about three hours before a customer gets to purchase this savory delight. Within six months of launch in 2016, Singapore had opened a second branch.

Similarly for the Philippines, there was a clear opportunity to introduce the original cheese tart, says Ching.

“We’ve come to observe that Filipinos are adventurous and hungry for global flavors. We believe that Filipinos will like our BAKE CHEESE TART and we want to share this gift with the Filipinos and the rest of the world. BAKE CHEESE TART uses the best ingredients from Hokkaido, and baked freshly in store. Therefore, whether you are having the cheese tart in Japan, Singapore, Korea or Manila, you can enjoy the same delicious and joyful experience because of its consistency,” Ching adds.

BAKE Cheese Tart Price

BAKE Cheese Tart Price = Php 95 / piece or Php 540 / box of 6

BAKE Cheese Tart Manila

BAKE Cheese Tart in Manila

Each cheese tart retails at Php 95 per pice or Php 540 for a Box of 6. Know more about BAKE Cheese Tart from their website,  Facebook and @bakecheesetart_ph in Instagram.

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We hope BAKE Cheese Tart will also open a branch soon here at the north part of Metro Manila – SM City North EDSA or Ayala Trinoma, perhaps?

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