8 Ways for a K-Tastic BonChon Experience!

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8 Ways for a K-Tastic BonChon Experience!

BonChon recently held a k-tastic gathering with foodie influencers in one of their newest branch in the Philippines – at Ayala the 30th Mall in Pasig City.

Aside from being one of the newest store, it’s also BonChon Philippines‘ 1st  interior-renovated store! From the usual white, red, and grey store, it now has an industrial vibe into it. While retaining the red and grey, you would notice more wooden accents and more steel highlights. They have adopted to the times and the younger generation who are more hooked with K-Pop more than ever.

8 Ways for a K-Tastic BonChon Experience

Together with the new look and vibe, BonChon Chicken also highlighted the K-Tastic experience you can get whenever you dine at BonChon stores.

Dreaming to experience Korea right here an then? Have the K-Dramas took over your whole system? Have the dishes gave you major cravings? Buckle up as we’re listing down different tried and tested ways to have the K-Tastic experience!

BonChon K-Style Chicken

BonChon K-Style Chicken

  1. BonChon has revamped some of its stores into a Modern Barn. The overhauled look instantly transports anyone to Korea with its Western meets Asian vibe. What used to be a plain and simple white brick wall has now turned into a wooden brick wall, truly capturing the modern barn feel. All staff had uniform make-overs and not to mention the new improved lighting inside the store, perfect for Instagram-worthy K-Tastic moments.
  2. BonChon K-Style chicken is no ordinary fried chicken. It’s made with love as it is freshly hand-glazed with a handful selection of signature fusion of Korean flavors, 4 deliciously unique glazes that will most definitely make you crave differently. Get to star in your first-ever K-Drama and re-live how Kim Bok Joo (from Weightlifting Fairy) bites her delightful chicken by binging into BonChon’s well-loved Korean-Style Chicken!

    BonChon Gangnam Bao

    BonChon Gangnam Bao

  3. BonChon’s Gangnam Bao is a new bite at BonChon! Sandwiched between delicious two soft and creamy delicious bao, you can choose if you want it steamed or fried, is 100% real tender juicy chicken meat handcrafted with BonChon’s best-selling soy-garlic glaze. The Gangnam Bao is definitely not your typical sandwich burger.
  4. Re-charge your soul with a Seoul-ful delight, the Jjampong Spicy Noodle Soup. With its combination of Korean Hot Pepper Flakes, Bonchon’s special spicy seafood broth, egg noodles and topped with crispy fish poppers, this is an ideal side dish and snack to give you the spicy kick you’ve been craving for.

    Jjampong Spicy Noodle Soup

    Jjampong Spicy Noodle Soup

  5. The Bibimbowl dates back to the Joseon Dynasty, where Bibimbap (origin of Bibimbowl) is considered to be a royal court dish. Deep-fried to perfection and mixed with your favorite Bibimbowl sauces – Original, Fiery Spice, and Creamy Curry, this K-Tastic dish will definitely give you the K-Tastic royal food treatment you deserve. It’s delicious Korean mixed rice garnished with a full assortment of well-seasoned ingredients. It’s filled with ten delicious components – carrots, egg strip, flavourful sauces and some more
  6. Experience authentic Korean heritage with the Korean Beef Stew. Have a taste of Korea’s true beefy flavor with this dish, a recipe that is made with premium tender beef chunks and spices that are slow-cooked for hours. Served with thick and tender beef cuts and choice veggies, it’s definitely a Beefed Up K-Tastic experience

    Korean iced dessert Bingsu

    Korean iced dessert Bingsu

  7. Get a dose of a Korean-Mexican fusion with the Taco Bibimbowl that’s made from quality meat mixed with BonChon’s signature Korean glaze, freshly prepared salsa, soft Mexican bean, crunchy nachos, and finished with an enchanting mix of Korean-Mexican paste.
  8. Have you tried the Korean iced dessert Bingsu? It’s a much celebrated Korean dessert that is sprinkled with bits of fruits and various toppings, drizzled with syrup, and topped with premium Milky Kreme. Moreover, the ice is made from ultra-fine, powder-like, snow ice that gives a one of kind experience. It’s also available in varied flavors – Matcha Vanilla, Strawberry Cheesecake, Chocolate Brownie and Mango Cheesecake!
BonChon Gangnam Bao

BonChon Gangnam Bao

Feeling the K-Tastic vibes yet? Check out some more from what we shared online with the hashtag #BonChonKStyleisKTastic!

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BonChon not only offers delicious Korean dishes, it offers the whole package of experiencing Korea in a fast-casual dining way; k-tastic indeed!

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