Figaro’s New Classic Favourite Meals

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Figaro’s New Classic Favourite Meals

Their brewed coffee is the best-selling iconic product from this famous homegrown coffee shop called Figaro.

But Figaro offers more beyond coffee. For the unfamiliar, Figaro is also known for serving dishes from breakfast, to lunch, to dinner meals.

Classic Favourite Meals

And most recently, they added two new “Classic Favourite Meals” – the Salisbury Steak Burger and Beef Brocolli Stir Fry.

Figaro Meals

Salisbury Steak Burger

The Salisbury Steak Burger is a savory rice meal pairing of patty-style lean ground beef smothered with mushroom gravy with carrot corn-peas on the side.

On the other hand, the Beef Broccoli Stir Fry is a similar rice meal pairing, but this time with stewed beef sirloin strips with my favorite vegetable – the broccoli, with baby corns and quail eggs.

Steak Burger vs Beef Brocolli

I’m a fan of salisbury prep but the stew beef sirloin is just as enticing. I found the ground beef soft and easy on the palate which is good while the stewed beef sirloin if flavorful. The quail eggs is also a good move on the part of Figaro to add something not-too-common on this dish.

However, beef sirloin is a tricky part of the cow. You may find “litid” (ligaments) together with the meat. As it can naturally add flavor and texture to the dish, too much of it can turn the plate over.

But if you’re fine with it, then the Beef Brocolli Stir Fry is for you. As for me, the Salisbury Steak Burger is the safe and sure winner.

Beef Brocolli Stir Fry

Beef Brocolli Stir Fry

Figaro All-Day Breakfast

Since we’re talking about meal plates, let me add-up Figaro’s newest All-Day Breakfast offering – the Gourmet Tuyo in Olive Oil.

Tuyo (or dried fish) is a common staple specially on the Philippines countryside. Figaro made it more “soshal” (slang for ‘premium’) and healthy by serving quality, more ‘meaty‘ ‘tuyo’ and cooking it in olive oil.

It is also served with grilled eggplant, salsa, and rice.

Figaro Meals

Gourmet Tuyo

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Try all three from all Figaro branches around the Philippines. The Gourmet Tuyo (dried fish) costs P219 with Figaro Coffee while both the Salisbury Steak Burger and Beef Brocolli Stir Fry plate costs P229 each with a serving of Figaro iced tea.

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