6 Reasons Why PureIt Water Purifier Impressed Us

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6 Reasons Why PureIt Water Purifier Impressed Us

Consciousness for safe and clean water in the Philippines has improved a lot through the last decade. We’ve seen the boom in the mineral water retail and water refilling station industry by leaps and bounds. And now there’s PureIt.

Pureit Purifier

Dirty Water poured over Pureit Purifier

Water filtration systems can be found in almost every busy streets and barangay in Metro Manila. From the old ways of boiling water, having water delivered to our homes is already part of most Filipino households. We ourselves have distilled water delivered to our house about twice a week. But how sure are we that the water delivered to our houses are really safe?

Me and my wife were recently made aware of the new product launched by Unilever in the Philippines called PureIt. As a non-electric purifier that converts untreated and tap water into guaranteed clean and safe drinking water, it prides itself a the largest selling brand of in-home water purifier in the world.

They came to our house and gave a personal demonstration of how PureIt Excella works and how it is used. They challenged us to try it and see the difference for ourselves.

After trying it for almost a month, my wife and I are now happy converts of Unilever Pureit.

Sediment Filter

Pureit Sediment Filter Mesh on Top

Here are our Top 6 Reasons why we haven’t ordered a delivery of bottled water since PureIt:

  1. Purifier, Not Just a Filter

    • In contrast to water filters which only removes visible and physical impurities, a water purifier cleanses the water itself to remove bacteria making it safe for drinking. Pure It is s not just a filter, it’s a purifier!
    • It utilizes two levels of purification. The first of which disinfects, precipitates, and removes chlorine from the water. The second level  further purifies the water through a micro-charged membrane.
  2. US EPA Approved

    • PureIt is the only storage non-electric purifier that meets the stringent US Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA) standards for removal of bacteria and other impurities.
    • Its water quality standards requires a removal of 99.9999% of bacteria, 99.99% of virus, and 99.9% of cysts at the minimum.
  3. Recognition by leading institutions

    • Aside from industry certifications, the product is also recognized by leading industry institutions including London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (UK), Scottish Parasite Diagnostic Laboratory (UK), Mexican Institute of water Technology (Mexico), National Institute of Cholera  and Enteric Diseases (India), and Philippines Public Health Association (Philipines’ PPHA)
  4. Germkill Processor, Microfiber Mesh, Carbon Polisher

    2nd Chamber showing Germkill Processor, Microfiber Mesh, and Carbon Polisher

    Electricity-Free, Boiling Free

    • For a country with one of the highest electricity rates in Asia, we are glad to know that PureIt needs no electricity to run, and needs no pressurized water.
    • Moreover, it affords us no hassle of boiling water anymore, the cost of LPG notwithstanding.
  5. In-Home Tabletop Appliance

    • As a table-top purifier, all its components, including the tap, is made of durable and food-grade plastic. It also has a large storage capacity of 9 liters in the transparent chamber alone for a total of approximately 1500 liters of water purified before it needs to be replaced.
    • It is equipped with a Germkill Life Indicator which turns fully red when it’s time to replace. It also has an Auto Shut-off mechanism that stops the supply of water to ensure only safe drinking water comes out of PureIt. A new PureIt Germkill Kit can be bought separately and contains a (1) Microcharged membrane, (2) Germkill Processor, and (3) Carbon Polisher.
  6. Truely Safe with removal of other contaminants not visible to the eye

    • The two levels of purification mentioned above actually uses an advanced 5-step water purification technology enumerated in the following:
      • Sediment Filter to remove visible dirt
      • Germkill Processor / Programmed Germkill Technology to target and remove harmful viruses and bacteria
      • Microfiber Mesh to remove precipitated metallic impurities
      • Carbon Polisher to remove harmful parasites, pesticides and chlorine, making the water clear, odorless, and natural tasting
      • Microcharged Membrane to purify the water again for double protection.
Pureit Germkill Kit

Removable Pureit Germkill Kit containing a (1) Microcharged membrane, (2) Germkill Processor, and (3) Carbon Polisher.

Pure It Microcharged Membrane

Bottom Nozzle in the transparent chamber containig the Microcharged Membrane for the 2nd llevel of purification

Pureit Excella Uniever

Pureit Excella from Uniever

PureIt is currently available in 13 countries including India, Brazil, China, Pakistan, Sri-Lanka, Kenya, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Indonesia, and Mexico. And we’re glad that it’s now in the country through Unilever Philippines, a trusted brand here and around the world. It truly impressed us and it’s time to say goodbye to buying expensive water from water refilling stations, specially those with high risk of contamination through questionable practices.

As per our personal experience in using PureIt Excella, don’t forget to flush out the first one or two rounds of water to rid of the chlorine smell we initially experienced. Moreover, although PureIt is primarily made to make tap water safer, you can theoretically use it to purify even rainwater and dirt water in times of water shortage and emergencies. Amazing isn’t it? 🙂

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