Quick & Easy Cooking w/ Midea Kitchen Appliances

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Quick & Easy Cooking w/ Midea Kitchen Appliances

Midea, one of the world’s largest consumer appliance manufacturers, is introducing a new wave of cooking as they redefine culinary adventures with their all-new kitchen range.

Olive Tree Kitchen Bar

Olive Tree Kitchen Bar

The kitchen is getting a makeover where tedious meal preparations is now history as Midea‘s New Wave of Cooking aiming to solve the food-preparation woes of Filipino households.

“While meal preparation appears to be such a mundane part of our daily tasks, it actually has considerable weight in our way of life because it affects how we manage our time and, more importantly, our health and well being,” said Phillip Trapaga, General Manager of Midea Philippines during the product launch event.

He shared at the launch in Olive Tree Kitchen Bar (OKTB) that the three essential factors that are considered when cooking are meal preparation, nutritional value, and cost. He added, “Midea’s new kitchen range presents solutions for each of these.”

Included in Midea’s newest kitchen line are the microwave oven, induction cooker, multi-cooker, rice cooker, and kettles.

Midea Rice Cooker

Midea Rice Cooker

Midea Induction Cookers

Midea Induction Cookers

Chef Rob Pengson Says

Special guest and celebrity Chef Rob Pengson shared some insights about his ideal kitchen.

He said, “A handy kitchen is composed of appliances that provide the best-tasting meals without compromising energy efficiency and affordability… But cooking is really more of an art. Once you’ve found the right tools, you can pretty much create whatever masterpiece you want without sacrificing quality. It is all about investing in the right kitchen partners.

They demonstrated preparing ramen using the rice cooker, green curry dish using the Midea multi-cooker, and a cake dessert using the microwave oven!

Chef Rob Pengson

Chef Rob Pengson of OKTB demonstrates how to use Midea’s New Wave of Cooking line

Microwave meals for us low as P1

A highlight in Midea’s kitchen range is its all-new microwave ovens, which let people cook basic meals for as low as P1.  These appliances are said to save on electrical consumption and is twice as fast as a regular stove.

According to Pengson, “People often have misconceptions about microwave ovens—claiming that they blow-up electricity bills. But it is all about the quality and efficiency of your appliances. Actually, you can cook using the microwave. In fact, microwaves can prepare meals that are just as nutritious (or even more) as the ones we prepare the traditional way.

Midea  Microwave Ovens

Midea Microwave Ovens

Midea microwave ovens boasts to be suitable for quick and easy-to-cook recipes that do not compromise nutritional value. Trapaga described, “Using our microwaves, you can get 10 percent less fat on your meals compared to frying. At the same time, they can prepare basic meals in as quick as 90 seconds.

That’s quick and low-cost cooking! Moreover, Midea microwaves also come with sleek silver-mirror finishes that can smarten the aesthetics of any kitchen.

Midea Multi-Cooker

Midea Multi-Cooker

Midea Multiple-Cooker

One other kitchen appliance which caught NomNom Club’s interest is the multi-cooker, which has 19 functions, 12 cooking modes, and 7 auxiliary functions. I’m sure my wife would be very happy have this at home. I myself is curious with it’s multi-functions. We hope to get to try this at home sometime if we get the chance to have our hands on it.

How about you, what can you say about Midea’s new wave of cooking? Which among Midea’s new kitchen appliances piqued your fancy?

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